What on earth is a Giant Hand Warmer?

  1. Its part of the new Holiday collection. If you do a board search you'll find pictures.
  2. Here ya go:

  3. Lol! It looks so cute w/ the motorcycle detailing! Too bad I live in Los Angeles. It gets chilly here in the winter, but rarely fur muff-cold. I could totally imagine you fab East Coast girls rocking it though!
  4. They're also called a 'Muff' They're meant to keep your hands warm, obviously.. I have a huge soft spot for them :smile:
  5. A million thanks - makes great sense now I can see a photo!!
  6. omg that thing is so funny :lol:
  7. I know, talk about an expensive hand warmer. ;) It is super cute on that model in that pic, though.

    OK, I just tried to picture myself wearing it, and I winced. ;)
  8. oooo...i love this bag! It would be awesome w/ a neo-victorian look!
  9. I love this too!
  10. Too cute....anyone getting one?:yes:
  11. I want one! I really do! I'm trying to be good, though....I just bought an Ink Oval, and I am waiting to see the Step in real life.....this looks so neat, though. Decisions, decisions.
  12. Interesting... don't think the Giant Hand Warmer would get much usage in Cali~!:push:
  13. It's cute, but I don't think I would ever buy one...
  14. It's cute, but does it actually have an opening for your hands? I mean, how is it going to warm your hands otherwise? :confused1: ...hmmm...on 2nd thought, it's cute but strange....