What oil do you cook with the MOST?

  1. Helloooooo everyone! we use alot alot alot of olive oil. And we hardly fry anything, don't really like it. How about yall?:yahoo:
  2. Olive oil all the way. The only exception is when we're cooking with Chinese we use chili oil and for some American flavors we use canola oil.
    Corn oil isn't very good for you - corn has inflammatory properties (!) and I know that peanut oil is like heart-attack on a plate.....:wtf:
  3. OMg, one of my friends frys her chicken in peanut oil.. :s

    Yes yes our chinese we use chili oil also.
  4. I either use Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil
  5. Olive or Canola.
  6. Olive
  7. extra virgin olive usually.
  8. Extra virgin olive oil for normal cooking (or butter), and Grapeseed Oil for frying.
  9. I use extra virgin olive oil. I love it!
  10. olive oil. yummy...
  11. Olive oil for me.
  12. extra virgin olive oil and sometimes sunflower oil
  13. I use a lot of flaxeed because it's rich in omega fatty acids. Olive oil is good too, i use that for salads.
  14. Olive 80% of the time, the other veg oil.
  15. Olive oil the most, sesame oil and chili oil second most, then canola oil (usually when baking something that requires oil)