What oh what should I buy??? Suggestions please.

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  1. You know the feeling.....the new collection comes out, it's months since you bought a bag and you have that urge. Well, I have a very bad case of bag lust.
    I thought the ink blue Daria satchel would satisfy it but it wasn't to be. Now it's getting worse and I have no idea what to try next. I really don't want to get into one of my usual buy it, send it back sagas so please can you help?
    The requirements are: not too big (not as big as Daria), casual, preferably single strap, colourful, soft, a new style.
    I'm thinking I might have to look beyond Mulberry and that's really not like me at all!
  2. How about the Leah when it comes out? Hazelnut or mushroom look particularly attractive.
  3. I hope you find something that you really love soon SJ, it is such a shame the ink daria was not quite the thing! It did look gorgeous on you though. Maybe a look away from Mulberry will help?

    I am hoping for my first non-mulberry purchase this weekend, I thought Alexa was going to be the answer to all my prayers but having tried her out in store a few times I don't think its quite right for me. Have fallen in love with an alternative though so fingers crossed! I have to say it is really refreshing to fall for something outside my usual 'mulberry box' perhaps you would find this too?
  4. Have you looked at any Chloe bags SJ, its just that the description you describe, soft. smoochy, soft leather, makes me think immediately of Chloe :smile:

    Its good to have one different designer bag in the collection.
  5. Are you decided on colour, SJ?
  6. Chloe, I have tried Chloe, I had a Paddibgton and an Edith but found them both extremely heavy although the leather was lovely.
    Blue, I'm open minded to colour but want something that I don't already have to broaden my collection.
    That's the only thing about the gingerbread, would it be too similar to oak and burnt orange.
    Oh I'm in a right old dilemma.
  7. Peony pink hayden shoulder if you're not sure about the ginger?
  8. SJ I can totally sympathise. I too am itching to buy but just not sure what. For me it's between the Pink Alexa, Hayden shoulder bag or a Hayden tote but then perhaps it should be another Miu Miu Bow.

    Have you considered the Hayden range? The pink shoulder looks lovely. How about the more patent blueberry - I think it's the Mitzy, it looks TDF.

    Chloe bags are lovely but from experience the don't hold much resell value.

    Do you have another brand in mind?

    Good luck deciding.
  9. Those were 2 of the heaviest Chloe bags ever made (Edith due to leather), Paddy (due to lock). My Betty was enormous and light as a feather. It might be worth you looking again?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions girls.
    Jenova, Chloe doesn't do it for me, nor Balenciaga, LV, Gucci or Prada! I'm a Mulberry girl at heart.
    If I did go non Mulberry, it would be Miu Miu or Anya Hindmarch.
    Tiree, I don't like patent although I do really like the blueberry colour. Pink definitely isn't me either.

    I did have a tiny buy last night - a Cath Kidston oilcloth mini saddle bag. That'll fill the gap for a hands free when I'm in France.
  11. I still have some Chloes but rarely use them. It might end up being purge year for them.

    Post a pic of the Cath Kidson when it arrives.
  12. What about Paul Smith? Those are colourful and would go with just about anything!
  13. I'd love to see a shimmy hobo in blueberry. Some new bags are due in over the next few weeks so why not wait and see what they have? Like me you must have spent a fortune on postage!