what % of the time can you tell a fake from a real?

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  1. what % of the time can you tell a fake from a real? Because I've posted a lot of pictures on forums and they were authenticated wrongly. I know that everyone thinks they can smell a fake--and any fake--from a mile away, but is that really true?
  2. Depends on the designer. I'm pretty good when it comes to Coach, LV and Chanel but need more practice with other brands.
  3. "everyone" here definitely does not believe they can spot a fake.
    I can't! LOL!
    Actually I can if it's painfully obvious.
    But the question about percentage. . . how can we answer that?? If we don't know it's fake and we think it is real. . . our perceived % would be wrong, no?
  4. LOL I am definitely one of those people who CANNOT spot a fake for the life of me. I won't even try. I probably compliment women on their fake Prada and Dolce's ALL the time.
  5. 100% for those obvious fake and signs, such as accessories that will not come w purchase.
    and also depends on brands.
  6. thats a good point. how do we know when we are wrong?:lol:
  7. :wacko:
  8. Pretty much always with Coach.
  9. Hmm, says you've posted a lot of pix here but you only have 2 posts--you ain't scamming us are you???
  10. she said she's posted pics on other forums, not this one.;)

    p.s. at least thats how I understood it....
  11. Yes but she has a total of only two posts and no pix ever posted from reviewing her name. I thought she meant other sections of tPF, but maybe not.

  12. he/she said "on forums". Not this forum.
  13. hmmm. maybe she'll come back and clarify....? now you got me wondering!:lol:
  14. I'm actually pretty good with Coach and Louis Vuitton. I can't say my percentage is 100% but it is probably somewhere in the 90's with these brands. Usually hardware is a big giveaway or a style that you have never seen before. I will admit that there are good fakes out there. I wouldn't know a fake Kooba, Gryson, Botkier, or Prada though.
  15. For me it depends on the brand..if it's OBVIOUS, then sure. But the only one that I am pretty good at spotting fakes for is Marc Jacobs, and that just came from learning from the experts over there.