what occassions do you need a bag for?

  1. i decided as im building my collection, i dont need really more then one bag for a purpose, but what are the catagories that you feel should be a staple to your wardrobe?

    im thinking:

    hands free/cross body side pack
    small shoulder bag for evening
    coin purse
    satchel to carry in hand or on arm
    rain bag
    gym bag
    errand bag

    and then i guess a variety of clutches to mix and match for the occassion.

    what about you? i think for me this way i wont be frazzled, wont feel bad about my purchases, and build a well rounded collection not based on brand but the quality and the use of the bag.

    what else to add, subtract, multiply.. lol.:lol:
  2. I think more in terms of bags for outfits or purposes. I need usually at least two big messenger-type bags for teaching...one for each location (I teach at the college and university, so if I can keep them separate it's good), one great interview bag (Chloe Edith), a casual but elegant bag for nice occasions (want an Hermes Birkin), a carry-on bag for travel, a couple of good, large shoulder bags (Hogan), a hand-held clutch for weddings, evening, etc., a smaller fun summer bag (Balenciaga First in pewter), a bag that I can wear with a winter coat, a bag that looks nice with a cashmere sweater and slacks, and some bags that are fun with jeans and a t-shirt. Turns out this is a lot of bags! I think if you get a variety of designers and styles you should be set.
  3. Oh...and a hands-free bag for Disney or an all-day Plaza shopping experience...maybe the Gucci belt bag? Sorry for the double post! My computer freaked out.
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