What occassion can I wear this dress to?

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  1. Hi all.

    I bought this BCBG dress impulsively : (
    and I started to wonder when can I wear this and where to? Can you advice me what occasion I can wear this dress?
  2. Spring wedding coming up?
  3. if u live in a warmer climate i would wear it out. A night out with girls,maybe dress it down with a cute denim jacket. If u don't live in a warmer climate more of a reason to go on a tropical vacation.
  4. Thanks gals!
    I live in Malaysia. Warm and humid all year long :smile:
    Thanks for the tips. However it is a little too long for me. I am thinking to send it back for alteration. By then the flowy Bottom part that touches the floor will no longer look like the one in pic. It will look more casual then?
  5. Evening dress, nice for a drink by the beach, a dinner, a party etc.
  6. definitely dress it down with a denim jacket and you can wear it out to the mall, a museum, weekend things like coffee

  7. The dress is really lovely. I totally agree with lily25 defintively an evening dress suited for the occasions cited above.
  8. So it's not so much of a night wedding dinner dress, can I say that? Here in my country, I rarely see people wearing such a long dress to wedding reception, dinner night out, party and to mall etc. I was just worried that I may seen overdressed.
    After mos of the remarks here, I am more released. Can I wear this during my Bali vacation in Nov? A romantic dining out with bf?
    If dress down can I pair it with thongs?
  9. ^^Yes, definitely can wear it in Bali--it would be perfect for that! I think it would look adorable with jeweled flip flops!
  10. I think it would be great in Bali.
  11. Probably not the response you were looking for, but it would work great as a maternity dress too (which is probably why Alicia Keys is wearing it because she's pregnant).
    And, yes, it would be perfect in Bali for a dinner out. You could certainly wear it with a dressy pair of sandals/flip flops.
  12. If you need to have it shortened anyways, you could have it made knee length and then it would be way more casual and you could wear it to more places.
  13. ^^ And use the excess material as a scarf or sash.