What notebook do you carry in your LV's?

  1. I need something for taking notes (duh!) that can range from to-dos to ideas. Not an agenda or daily diary. I'd take a Moleskine but the pages aren't perforated and so don't tear out...Does LV make some kind of refillable, slim, light notebook? I can't find one but you're the experts....
  2. I had the same problem before. I ended up going down to my local Office Depot and buying a Franklin Covey notefolio. It fit a 3"x5" pad in it, was leather, and fit great in any purse.

    It then began to bother me that it didn't match my other LV accessories and I ended up getting the small PM agenda. And I love it! I use it more as a notepad than an actual planner.
  3. I keep a small moleskine - not the hardcover one - the small thin ones that come 3 per package. They are not perforated, but I rip the pages out if necessary. I would love a LV notebook. I use a Palm Treo so I don't need a full agenda, just a little notebook.
  4. Edited. I re-read the post again...

    I have a friend who modified the carnet de bal into a tiny notebook.

    I cannot help but to buy Hello Kitty notebooks to keep in my bags or whatever smallish pink notebook I find eventhough I am a "grown up." They remind me of my childhood. Pink is my only requirement!
  5. I just have a little hello kitty $1 thing from target LOL
  6. moleskine...the planner and the small cahiers.