What Not To Wear

  1. Any other fans? I love this show. I get lots of great ideas from Stacy and Clinton. I think the 360 degree mirror is funny as the ladies try to justify why they dress in the outfit that they do. And some of them really make me :shrugs: .

    I'm not sure that $5000 is enough for a wardrobe tho. Sheesh! That could be two purses right there :P
  2. Shut UP!

    I love WNTW!

    Have you seen Clinton's Macy's commercial?
  3. Sometimes I wish somebody would nominate me (I don't think I have bad taste in clothes though) I'll pretend that I wear ugly clothes then I get to go to New York and go shopping:yahoo:
  4. I haven't seen the American, but has anyone seen the British original one? That was so good I even got the book Trinny and Susannah wrote on the subject. It was really eye-opening experience to watch how people looked ten times better when dressed in properly fitted clothing :smile:
  5. i especially loved the episode when they were in paris. how i wished it was me getting the new wardrobe.;)
  6. I love both the British and American version. Its interesting, but the two British girls are harsher, and yet the people on their show take it much better in general than the americans do. At least that's what I find.
  7. Oh, I love this show! I can't seem to figure out when it comes on though, so I never see it on a regular basis....much as I'd like to.

    I like Clinton better than Stacey, but she's good too! I have a very classic, understated way of dressing (Ralph Lauren, Eileen Fisher, etc.) and their choices wouldn't be my choices, it's still a great show!

    love2shop, I agree. $5,000 is no way close to being enough money!
  8. I would really like to see the British version!

    I have heard that they focus more on the way the guest star lives, which is my main criticism of the US show.

    The basic principles and advice S & C give is for the most part, very sensible, but the actual clothing they styles they recommend lean more toward a particular kind of job in a particular kind of office, in a particular climate.

    Fitted blazer, cashmere sweater, and stiletto heeled boots may not be the best choices, for example, for a busy mom who lives in the Deep South in a rural area with plenty of red clay! :smile:

    But I just enjoy that, too. You have to laugh when you see them loading up the tweed on someone who lives in a place where a blazer or jacket is considered winter outerwear!

    And they do make an effort sometimes. They had one guest star who was a sound tech or something, spent her days crawling around on the floor fooling with wires, and I was very pleased to see that they moved out of the tweed-cashmere-indigo trouser jean-stiletto mode for her.

    And of course my favorite part is when they insult the person's current clothing and throw it in the silver can! :biggrin:
  9. I used to watch the British version and in one episode, this woman was worried about her thighs. Trinny and Susannah got into the fitting room with her to show her the size of their thighs!

    Stacey and Clinton don't do that!
  10. I love WNTW the american version, the British one annoys me!

    I :heart: Clinton. :smile:

  11. Love the show!

    $5000 is not enough but I still wish I could be on that show!

  12. That's what I want to do!

    I met some TLC producers at a party. Tried to convince them of it.... No luck!

  13. I thought the Paris one was awful. Great clothes, great shopping, of course! but Stacey walked around in awe, nimbly touching things. Too fanatic for me.

    But I would jump at the chance of $50,000 in Paris!

    $5000 at Louboutin
    $20000 at Chanel
    $3000 at Louis Vuitton (gifts)
    $5000 at Roger Vivier
    $10000 at Dior
    $7000 for a dress somewhere
  14. Both American & British Are Great (All Four Of Them Are Fantasic).
  15. I've never seen the British version coz I keep missing when it's on but I'd love to see it so I can compare/contrast with the American version.

    $50,000 in Paris!!!! Heck ya!!! Sign me up! :P