What Not To Wear last night...

  1. Did anyone else watch "What Not To Wear" last night - the one with Cheri, the interior designer? If so, did you notice that she was carrying a Soho duffle from (I think) fall/winter 2006? :tup: . I'm blanking on the colour - mahogany? Tobacco? It was dark brown and came out at the same time as the laced duffles.
  2. OOOOO I DIDNT SEE IT!! And I saw that episode lol! Was this in the beginning?
  3. I haven't seen it yet but I taped it! Now I know to look out for it, thanks for the heads up. :smile:

  4. She carried it on the two shopping days in NY. The first time I saw it was when she was out on the street at one point talking to the camera on the first shopping day (I think that was the only shot on the first shopping day, and she had it cross-body). On the second shopping day I saw it tons. She had it on her shoulder almost in every shot! If I hadn't been looking for it, though (after seeing that shot on the first day), then I probably wouldn't have noticed it. It was nice to see it since it's not one that I see people carrying a lot.
  5. Yes I saw it. :yahoo: It was when she was skipping out of the store. So funny that we spot Coach like that. :biggrin:
  6. Hahaha - yeah I know! Actually, when I first noticed it, all I saw was the strap on her shoulder, brief glimpse, and I could immediately tell it was a Coach. So I watched the episode again later that night and saw all the other shots of it. Yes, my name is Katie and I am an addict. :nuts:
  7. I saw the episode, but as usual I was multi-tasking so I missed some of the details. Katie was on the ball!