What Not To Do Before Going To An Island.........eh Hem....

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  1. [​IMG]

    NEVER EVER go to a tanning salon for a base tan(8 mins total).......before going to Aruba...This is what I ended up with......BURNED LOBSTER JILL!!!!!!!!ROFL!I am in PAIN....LOL..OMG....WTF?????......UGH....:crybaby: :wtf:
  2. wow..and never wipe your mirror with a paper towel before taking a pic either..ROFL...LMAO!
  3. OUUUUUCH, OMG Jill that's horrible!!!

    I'm really fair skinned and get burned all the time if I don't slather on the sunblock.

    do you have aloe or any after-sun lotion? It will help....

    hope you feel better...ouch!
  4. OUCH! Got aloe vera?
  5. OMG Jill...
    hope u get well be4 ur trip..!so u could show off w/ ur bikini;p
  6. :lol:

    On another note, feel better Jill! You'll still have a blast in Aruba!
  7. Im slathered in Lotion..Im a grease monkey..LOL..Im in pain..UGH..heehee
  8. on a good note..I bought not one BUT FOUR HOTAS* BIKINIS...LOL,That I loved!!!!HEEHEE!
  9. Omg! Hope you feel better and quick!!! :smile: I am sure everything will get back to normal by the time you hit the island!
  10. ouchie!!! oh jill i cannot imagine how painful it is...:push:
  11. Ouch!! That's rough!! Hope it gets better soon, and have a blast in Aruba!!
  12. Oh man!!! Well..the blush gauffre will look great against your blush skin!! OUCH!! When are you leaving? When I was in Aruba last year I had tanned for a month before we went, and I was careful in the sun...I got very brown...but my ankles burned!!! And I used sunblock!!! Just be careful..there's always a breeze there so you can't tell you're getting fried...You'll have a blast!! have fun!! I thought you already left..
  13. Oh my gosh, Jill! Aloe emergency! Hope you have fun in Aruba on your birthday!
  14. Ouch!! OMGosh poor tummy.
    Pretty shade of red though,
    I hope you have a great time in Aruba.
  15. Jill... see what PHH says about that!! :roflmfao: HAHA. Sorry not funny!