What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. I thought of one today, but it's kind of stupid :shame:

    I love when I order a diet Coke (or water or tea) and it comes with a lime instead of a lemon!!! :nuts:
  2. Ugh, I LOVE a good thunderstorm. Unfortunately, we don't get many of those here in Colorado.

    But I do LOVE it when it snows. Preferably on my day off so I don't have to drive in it.
  3. oooh Christian Bale XD I :heart: him after dark knight
    ~when my nails are perfectly squared and have a pretty polish on them
    ~when i get As on tests!
    ~when i wake up to sunshine :smile:
    ~using a toothpaste tube for the first time. lol there's just something refreshing about it xD toothpaste takes forever to use up.
    ~snow used to make me giddy but after being snowed in for more than a week. nah..
    ~blemish free skin
    ~the first week after getting a haircut or hair dyed. i like seeing the change!
    ~borrowing my mom's purses. :] :]
    ~my favorite song on the radio
    ~late night phone calls
    ~staying up until early morning in the summers. i miss that :sad:
    ~getting mail
    ~genuinely nice people.
  4. - walking into my bedroom throughout the day and seeing that I made the bed well
    - the first drink of a Pepsi/coke/club soda!
    - hearing my favorite-song-of-the-moment on the radio
    - finding great free apps for my iphone
    - seeing something on sale that I had been wanting!
    - a cold front coming down and going in the hot tub (we live in Florida, so cold spells are far and few between!)
    - showering and going straight to bed afterwards
    - a fully-stocked fridge

    ...that's all I can think of right now! other than the obvious, of course! :smile:
  5. Totally agree on the thunderstorms! It's definitely one thing I miss about living in Wisconsin! Though, in general, Colorado has MUCH nicer weather and I love living here!
  6. watching my puppy play in the snow
    waking up next to my love
    having a snow day!
    walking out of the nail salon after just getting a new set
    reading a really good book
    having drinks with friends
    cooking delicious food
    eating delicious food
  7. Lot of random things make me happy, lets see:

    A random smile from a stranger.
    When I think of how lucky I am to have such great family
    When my boss is out of the office.
    When I think of my late Grandparents and how much they cared for us.
    When my mom is happy.
    When DH takes out the trash without me asking for the 4549879 time.
    When my nephew rush to hug me and tells me he wants to come over to my house after not seeing him for a while.
    When my plants are very green.
    When my teeth are clean.
    When everyone is very quiet at dinner, meaning they are really enjoying my meal.
    When DD says a new word.
    When my brother texts me just to say hi.
    When I go to my zumba class.
    When I listen to "Habanera" by Carmen.
    When I see people in love. Weddings, anniversaries, etc.
    When I hear good news, even if I am not even related to the person.
  8. When I hear the UPS man outside my house :yahoo:
    seeing other people happy
  9. OOooo, great thread... I have misc. things:

    getting A's in school
    red wine
    bubble baths
    good episode of Top Chef or Project Runway
    a good margarita
    smell of fresh cut grass
    cold pillows
    when the Yankees beat the Red Sox
    smell of Cotton candy
    waking up next to my SO
    having no HW or assignments for the night
    when my boss is in a good mood
    when the house is clean
    the end of a rough semester
    biting into a lobster, shelled of course
    hell, all types of seafood in pasta
    leaving work/school feeling like it was a successful day
    finding a great sale
    a good gingerale
  10. Good one! I'm currently on a watch for my UPS guy right now! He's got my Tiffany jewelry coming!
  11. -Getting new packages and letters
    -Writing letters and therefore getting to use stationary which is a fetish of mine
    -a foot rub from DH
    - a back rub from DH
    -my animals
    -trying on a new nail polish color
    -finding nail polish for a really good price
    -making a new recipe and having it turn out really good
    -the new issue of Martha Stewart Living
    -thumbing through a new cookbook
    -finding something vintage that fits me, is in good condition and is a good deal
    -playing with my shoe collection
    -buying new stamps
    -smelling a really fragrant rose or any other flower really

    there are really too many to list
  12. My Ugg slippers. :heart:
  13. - knowing that everyone around me is happy.
    - jamming to loud music in my car & singing at the top of your lungs. with or without a car full of friends. depending on the day sometimes jamming alone is more fun, other times you need your girls!
    - laughing out loud so hard, you cry!
    - seeing my client's faces, when i know that they love there hair!
  14. I had my daughter in Sept of 2008. I got a freakin pedicure for the first time since before she was born, that was AWESOME!!!!! I am the girl that usually goes every 3 weeks, whew!
  15. Great thread!!

    -Travel; especially meeting people who live in the places I go to. My favorite destinations so far have been Newport, Rhode Island, San Francisco, California and Venice, Italy.
    -Storytellers; people who observe and share it either through words, music or photography
    -Long walks in the spring & summer around my lake
    -Flowers in bloom
    -Summer days and bbqs with my parents
    -The color green
    -Lately, purple too
    -Stumbling across a great sale
    -"skinny" days - who doesn't!?
    -The perfect light blended Caramel Frappe from Starbucks
    -When my local coffee shop has coconut coffee on - it is the best because they actually flavor the beans and don't use icky flavor syrups
    -My kitty, Fiona-Marie
    -Watching my sister's college (UCONN) soccer games...some of them are really intense and fun to go to!
    -Stationary, journals, etc - I love the $1 spot at Target with the cute cards, notepads, etc
    -Organizational supplies, I know it's kind of weird
    -Black and white pictures
    -Ice Cream sundaes