What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. Really good music

    Listening to Howard Stern when my son isn't in the car

    Making lunch for myself and reading People mag

    Watching tv w/ DH

    shopping for Xmas cards/paper

    A really cold tall mojito, and making it last!!
  2. In no particular order:
    When friends surprise you with hugs or just I miss you's
    The first sip of a latte I've been craving in 5am that morning...
    Operating especially when there's good music on
    Hearing a song I really love and dancing too it like a fiend by myself
    The first spritz of perfume in the morning on my way out the door
    The look on someone's face when I cook something for them and they really like it
    Hugs from babies and grateful parents
    Moments when I realize that I'm living my dream (which aren't often enough b/w the bouts of complaining and bemoaning my workload)
    Slipping my feet into Uggs and feeling snuggly
    Cheese, wine, and a hot bath with ABC.com
    Chatting with friends that I've neglected b/c of school and work and catching up
    Listening to the Beatles or the Shins....
    Going to the movies with my brother
    and of course cartoons that remind me of being little again :smile:

  3. haha i love the shamwow commercials! there is this one line that cracks me up. he goes "and their made in germany! hey the germans always make good stuff" lol. i love it! also i love the dramatic gopher. so adorable!
  4. I also have to add the rain thing to my list...I have a serious thing for the rain!
  5. Yup -- I agree on the rain thing. I love thunderstorms too (especially those good ole Midwestern ones that wake you up out of a dead-sleep and scare the bejeezus out of you!), but sadly we only have ONE T-storm per year in San Francisco....and that's with like ONE clap of thunder. :sad:
  6. *drinking a nice hot chocolate
    *sleeping in and realizing its not a workday
    *eating a nice breakfast
    *getting to leave the office when running an errand for the company. Makes me feel free for a bit.
    *watching a movie and not be interupted
  7. -Finishing my hot yoga class
    -Reading a book
    -An unexpected phone call from someone I like :smile:
    -Having a clean home
    -The sun filtering through the blinds
    -Having a full tank of gas
    -A cup of tea with honey in it
  8. *fuzzy socks!
    *my lovebird giving kisses on command
    *a hot shower
    *doing laundery (yeah, i'm weird like that) but having DH put it away
    *hot tasty french fries
    *going to costco with my hubby & getting the necessities... bc it's 45min of travel, music, & conversation away from distractions of internet & video games!
  9. finding out i havent gone overdrawn on my bank account.

    lovely bacon sandwich in the morning.

    my boyfriend calling my chipmunkey lol.

    my cat cuddling up to me when i watch a movie.
  10. Me too!! For some reason, folding the laundry and everything relaxes me! LOL
  11. -Coming home from business travel, when we go wheels down on the runway I always feel so happy.
    -When one of my dogs does some silly little happy dance
    -When DH goes grocery shopping by himself
    -The feeling after a mani-pedi!
    -Naps on Sundays
  12. Waking up & seeing my three cats snoring & sleeping with my DH & me.
  13. chai lattes.
  14. Christian Bale always makes my day *swoons*

    But back in reality:

    -Waking up only to realize it's Sunday :smile:
    -Getting a shiny, new issue of Radar in the mail
    -Having time to read
    -Watching a film without my roomate trying to chat me up
    -Having a cold Heineken after a long day of work lol
    -Fluffy duvets
  15. - when my gymnasts/students finally "get it" (whatever skill/concept "it" may be!)
    - an effortless good hair day
    - shoes that don't hurt
    - a meaningful conversation with a friend
    - not missing my favorite song on the radio
    - being me, unapologetically