What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. -The way my mom smells when she hugs me...i don't see her often so when I do I just cherish it!
    -3 musketeers!! Sitting down to a good movie with a big 3 musketeers bar...mmmm.....(what can I say? Im pregnant...)
    -The way the carpet has lines on it after I get done vaccuuming! I dont want to walk on it after I vaccuum! LOL
    -The way my sheer curtains flutter when a nice breeze comes in.
    -Feeling my daughter kick me....it can be painful at times but its a pure miracle.
    -Hearing my son say "mom, i love you so much"
    -Seeing my husband with his wedding band on...he never takes it off and looks so sexy with it on for some reason.
    -A cold pillow but a warm bed!
  2. coffee early in the morning - before any of the kids are up and all is quiet. THAT is happiness.
  3. None taken:nuts: , Its make you feel good when your team beats its arch rival !
  4. -getting Cooking Light magazine in the mail.
    -smelling candles that have just been blown out. I LOVE the scent for some reason.
    -eating dessert at the end of the night.
    -SO sending me an email telling me to have a wonderful day.
    -getting mail
    -snuggling up with a whole bunch of blankets
  5. I :heart: that.
  6. Ten ren tea. Seriously.

    I will drive half an hour for ONE cup of this tea. I don't know why, but it's just SO good to me.
  7. -My cats
    -Animals in general
    -My family, friends, and wonderful boyfriend
    -Warm weather
    -The beach
    -Shopping (when I have the money)
    -Days off from work and school
    -Buying new make-up
    -Going out to dinner
    -Watching a good movie
  8. omg i love this!

    o just thought of another
    - youtube videos that are so stupid and pointless but are totally hilarious
  9. ^ The Candy mountian video cracks me up everytime I see , that and the Sham Wow commericals
  10. When the parrots fly over head and they are talking to each other.

    When I come home and the ducks know that I will feed them and they come running for their crackers.

    Floating in the pool at night all alone, completely free of all restrictions, and watching the stars go by.

    Oh choozen1ne, I have nothing against the Yankee's, just being silly. They have a great line up. I have a lot of respect for them, however, whenever the Sox beat the Yankees, you know they played a great game.
  11. Ok.. this sounds weird, but I live in the Southern CA, so I constantly see the Goodyear blimp flying around the area. Sometimes, I've seen the blimp flying directly over my house and most of the time, I can see the blimp from my office building.

    I've also seen the blimp land and take off from it's landing area along the freeway which is a neat view but a bit distracting when you are driving down the freeway.

    I call the Goodyear blimp = Blimpie!!! I see it so often, that Blimpie just makes me smile!!

  12. i LOVE getting in bed when the pillows and sheets are cold!

  13. wow that sounds divine! i want to do that so badly right now!
  14. Looking down at my clock and realizing it's not as late as I thought it was.

    My cats cracking me up

    So rare, but watching a movie and loving it so much I don't want it to end (same with books)

    Finding a song that I love so much I can't get enough of it, so I listen to it over and over.

    Getting an email from someone I haven't talked to in a long time.

    Getting a good present for Christmas or a birthday that's a totally surprise.

    The first bite of really ridiculously good food.
  15. The happiest I've ever been was at a railway station when I was 15 - it's so difficult to describe, it was really intense - we had been shopping somewhere else and were waiting for our return train back home, a friend and I, and a train to the other end of the country pulled in, which I so nearly got on. I was so tempted to just go with the flow and get on the train and see what happened (as much as one can before parents would call the police at that age etc!), but when I was sitting at the platform with a coffee watching the train and wondering if I should get on it I had such a deep sense of calm, anticipation and happiness, it was overwhelming.

    Since that very random happiness moment, music, friends, family and poetry make me happy. Also china, stained glass, walking, stationary, reading, clothes, colours, violet creams, dunno really a very disparate lot of things.