What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. Lol, I love these things aswell. The sound of rain is very relaxing to me.
    • hearing my favorite song on the radio first thing in the morning
    • hearing raindrops on the roof of my car while stuck in traffic
    • eating butterfingers (the mini ones) after breakfast
    • the smell of wet grass and dirt early morning
    • discovering my two dogs snuggled beside me when i wake up:heart:
    • eating frosted flakes while watching how i met your mother
    • reading and making lists
    • contagious laughter
    • the smell of johnson's baby wash and st. ives aloe shampoo
    • the smell of new books and bags:yes:
    • 10 minutes of snooze every morning before going to work
  2. reading other people's responses is making me think twice about all the little things in life that i might be taking for granted and missing the enjoyment of.

  3. Watching an incoming storm with lightning and thunder.
    Getting my favorite magazine delivered in the mailbox....Phoenix Home & Garden
    The day before a vacation........the anticipation......
    Limes on the Key Lime Tree
    The first sip of a great red wine
  4. when the sun is out.. (i have sad) so its a big deal for me/ going tanning, 20 min once a week is so nice. Its relaxing/soothing/calming

    Spending time away from home, just going for a relaxing car ride

    In the summer its sitting by a window with a book/coffee listening to the rain. Its very calming
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    ~The warm sun on my face
    ~A secret smile from my DH
    ~Hearing my son play, he likes to make up stories and narrates while he plays
    ~Swimming, any kind of water actually
    ~Fixing something, an actual thing (I am quite handy) or a problem
    ~Surprising someone
    ~Being awed by the miracle of my daughter
    ~Just being able to say/type 'my daughter'...lol
    ~Making a to do list and getting it all done

    ~~Just taking a break and realizing life is pretty darn good :smile:

    Great thread, thanks for starting it! Love all the responses, too!
  6. What an interesting thread! (1) leaving work and feeling that I accomplished something that day (2) good results from a home facial, and blackheads are no longer visible (3) conquering another level of Yoshi's Island (I have been working on this game for two years!)
    • LOL Cats
    • Volunteering at my local animal shelter and petting the cats/dogs
    • Sitting on the porch/deck when dining out in the summer. I think it's my favorite thing in the world
    • Watching an episode of "What Not to Wear" that I've never seen before
    • Organizing my apartment and finding boxes of items to donate/trash --and then actually removing them from my apartment!
    • Watching movies with my Mom
    • Getting together with a friend after a long time apart
  7. *My dogs' faces in the window when I get home
    *Waking up at 1am thinking it's time to get up and realizing I can sleep for 6 more hours!
    *Krispy Kreme doughnuts...hot ones!
    *When my boss says "Don't come in tomorrow...it's supposed to snow."
    *My windows in my office at work
    *Fridays at 5:00pm
    *Getting packages in the mail...it's like Christmas.
    *Watching "Friends" for 10 hours and never getting bored!
    *Coming home to a clean house that I didn't have to clean
    *Driving with the windows down, the radio up and the sun shining!
    *Garage sales and open houses
  8. Coming home from work to my family
    Getting all the bills paid and out of the way so I can relax the rest of the day
    Mocha Frappuccino's
    No Traffic
    Listening to good Music
    Working out on my elliptical with my music turned up loud
    My Yorkie "harmony" curling up beside me in bed to watch a movie
    Saying a prayer every day
    Finishing a good book
    stepping on the scale and finding out I lost more weight :smile:
    Taking a walk
    Drinking coffee on the front of my house with the sun facing me and having a conversation with my fiance'
    Watching Wil & Grace's series with a glass of chardonnay...
  9. - I am happiest when my kids are happy, which means they are in good moods, having fun, and being cooperative. :P There is nothing like a misbehaving, tantrumming child to harsh your buzz and put you in a seriously dark mood!
    - Unexpected niceness from strangers. It could something as small as a door being held for you, a polite smile, a greeting.
    - My dog's cozy doggy smell. :heart:
    - Burying my face in my kids' soft cheeks and inhaling their sweet aroma.
    - Browsing aimlessly at a kitchen supply store (without my kids). I could hang out at Sur La Table ALL day and be in a state of bliss.
    - Having an entire day in my kitchen, alone, to take my time preparing a multiple course dinner and bake a dessert. It's soothing and therapeutic.
    - It gives me warm fuzzies when I see my husband gazing at me from the corner of my eye. It doesn't happen as frequently these days but when it does, me happy. :P
    - Having a big plate of steaming hot food in front of me makes me seriously happy. :smile:
  10. The smell of freshly cut grass

    The taste of green apple bubblegum

    The feel of a dog's coat as you stroke it and his heartbeat as he sleeps up against your back

    The sound of a beautiful voice hitting the perfect note

    Seeing the contrast of a lush green tree against a clear blue sky

    A long hug
  11. When my daughters (ages 3 and almost 5) do something nice for each other or use their manners.

    Watching a good Dateline murder mystery.

    Finding a book that I don't want to put down.

    Traveling anywhere.

    When someone good happens to my husband (he gets invited to speak somewhere or promoted or something). Since I am no longer working, it feels good to hear his accomplishments.

    Watching my DH give my girls a bath.

    A good concert or show.

    Trying out a new recipe.

    When I first get my house cleaned and it is clean for about an hour.

    The snow, before it has been shovelled or plowed or tromped in.
  12. Just a few things:

    Cooking for my family.

    Cold winter days, especially if we are lucky enough to get snow.

    Watching my baby son sleep.

    My children laughing.

    A good book.


    The unbelievably wonderful smell of my husband.

    The silly faces our Greyhound Andy makes.

    Eating chocolate cake while watching "Love Actually".

    The "meatball" threads on tPF.

  13. Yes, the sound of the UPS truck stopping out front
    Seeing the Red Sox beat the Yankees - no offense choozen1ne
    someone stopping me to tell me they love my handbag
    each month when I finish the newsletter
    finding new orchid blooms

    However my absolute most favorite is

    crawling into bed, turning out the lights with Travie next to me, Joshua sleeping, and the sound of Sheppie joyfully eating his kibble. My heart is happy and all is right with the world.