What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. Here is my list:

    1. Payday (I LOVE payday)
    2. Skiing (when I can afford it)
    3. Anything and everything to do with Apple—I just salivate when I go into an Apple store, but most of the time can't afford to buy anything, but I love to "window shop."
    4. Cappuccino in the morning! I'm truly addicted.
    5. Reading and contributing to the Purse Forum—I love it here!
    6. Fantasizing about Daniel Craig (sorry DH...)
    7. Going to the art museum by myself—it's time for ME!
    8. Coming home from work!
  2. Oh yeah I forgot a couple - A Brand New Box of Junior Mints - like the one I am eating now - makes me very happy and anything shiny and purple makes me happy too
  3. - Remembering a good dream
    - Seeing a rainbow (I don't know why but they make me so happy that I get tears sometimes. maybe I'm just really hormonal every time I see them)
    - Doing something I mean to do but always procrastinate on
    - Planning things
    - Kitties and babies. Not necessarily together.
    - Finding out that an avocado is just ripe when I eat it.
    - Eating seaweed. Especially the unhealthy baked, deep fried, and roasted kind.
    - Eating fish roe. crunch crunch crunch.
  4. Things That Make Me Happy

    -the sky so blue and deep on a summer's day
    -the feeling right before something good like the anticipation before going on vacation or opening a present
    -rain that lulls me to sleep
    -gentle breezes
    -pina coladas, they're just so darn good
    -reading something really funny and LMAO on a bad day
    -finishing a good book
    -scoring a good deal on Ebay or anywhere else
  5. - waking up and realizing that i dont have to go to school
    - reading stories with happy endings
    - thinking about when i can drive
    - listening to the song "on my own" (even though its sort of sad. it still makes me happy :shrugs:)
    - getting a new purse.... obviously haha
    - playing the drum set
    - finding the perfectly comfortable spot when i go to bed
    - listening to the anchorman version of afternoon delight (long story)
    - being able to see the stars outside (rare in phonenix)
    - waking up and finding out that it is raining
    - finding something funny on the internet
    - snow (and being able to sit by a fire with some cozy socks and a hot chocolate because of it... not that i get to do that ever here either)
    - getting a package

    and probably other things too that i cant think of right now
  6. -seeing my kids after work
    -walking out of my work at 2:30 in the afternoon
    -getting an email from a friend i havent talked to in a long time
  7. * hearing the laughter of those that I love
    * finding (or being found by) long lost friends or family
    * when you are getting to know someone new and you just "connect"
    * laughing so hard that I cry
    * a new perm!!!
    * a perfect manicure or pedi
    * going home
  8. Off the top of my head:

    * Waking up before my son, so I can watch him sleep....quite possibly my most favorite thing the world!!!

    * Fresh Frosted Cheerios and milk

    * The perfect white chocolate mocha or vanilla latte

    * Long...I mean long...baths

    * Sushi Fridays with my girlfriends

    * Singing incredibly bad karaoke with friends

    * Crawling into my bed after a long day-I absolutely LOVE my bed.

    * Listening to the music that my current mood dictates

    * New makeup

    * Fresh flowers especially orchids

    * Putting together the next day's outfit in my head and having it look impeccable

    * Getting the sweet random texts my SO loves to surprise me with

    * Life in general....cheesy I know, but I just had brain surgery so I appreciate everyday I have been blessed with!
  9. * Warm Sunny Weather

    * Days I feel good and energetic

    * Bubble Baths

    * A good nights sleep

    * A nice massage

    * Clean house

    * Making friends

    * Someone giving me a nice compliment

    * A great deal on a bag, clothes, whatever

    * My bunny kissing me or just watching him play being silly

    * Wearing a nice outfit and having somewhere nice to go

    * Talking to my hubby and cuddling with him

    * A good movie and someone to watch it with

    * Home cooked meal

    * My friends on tpf
  10. * Getting care packages from my mom or my sister

    * Getting the last poppyseed muffin at the coffee shop, especially nice when you are starving!

    * Waking up early in the morning and not feeling tired

    * Seeing a new episode of CSI or Law & Order

    * Cooking, it relaxes me and I love the aromas

    * Waking up to find my cat snuggled up next to me :smile:
  11. great thread!

    reminds me of woody allen in manhattan, talking into a tape recording, listing off all the things that make life worth living.. :biggrin:

    some of mine:

    - TELEVISION. i live for it :biggrin:
    - jazz on a summer night
    - water-- swimming in it, watching it, feeling it, being around it
    - perfume
    - the look and print of a finished, printed piece of writing that i've just gotten done with (although reading it, no. the last thing i want to do when i finish is read it. lol)
    - riding my bike during the summer
    - sweating
    - manhattan at 7am on a humid summer morning
    - airports
    - googling hot guys and posting on tpf :roflmfao:
    - just not giving a f*ck

    there's more, just can't think of 'em right now.
  12. -Clean hair (but MAN do I HATE washing it. HAHA)
    -Not having to wear a bra :P
    -Courier font. Eff this new courier bull. Its all about the old school.
    -"The Wild, The Innocent, and The E Street Shuffle" on summer days
    -The perfect temp ( almost frozen but not) can of diet pepsi.
    -Dark Powdered eyebrows and that nifty angled brush you do them with
    -Tuning a guitar
    -Books at Costco
    -The font they use for Signet Classics paperbacks
    -Jane Austen dilemmas (which don't exist in real life)
    -Finding a lost item!!!
    -Truck stops
    -The moment a idea/ solution pops into my head. Usually as I am waking up.:idea:
    -The sound & recoil made by Winchester 30.06 when its fired
    -Pencil skirts
    -Sales at JCREW!
  13. My iPod Touch.
    Discovering new music.
    Watching my favourite TV shows on dvd.
    Buying myself gifts and the happiness of knowing that I deserve to treat myself.
    Sitting and having a chat with my parents.
    I love my own company more than anything really.
    Having no REAL worries.
  14. * Seeing a package by my driveway
    * An "I love you" text
    * Waking up and realizing it's the weekend, going back to sleep
    * That great feeling when the laundry is all done, folded, and put away
    * Stepping into the shower when there is new shampoo/ conditioner to try
    * A full tank of gas
    * The moment the kids get on the bus and knowing there's 7 hours of peace ahead
    * The moment the kids get off the bus and run to me
    * A really good book on the nightstand
  15. - hearing a GREAT song start on the radio when you're driving with the windows down.

    - getting into bed feeling very, very drowsy

    - realizing a great marathon of lost/house/bones/svu/xfiles, etc is starting and you've got the fireplace going

    - christmas lights

    - christmas shopping

    - the smell of nature

    - riding a horse

    - staying in bed when you can hear the rain

    - saying f*ck it and standing in the rain, getting completely soaked