What - not so obvious - makes you happy?

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  1. Because we can't spend every day winning the lottery and marrying Christian Bale...
    Yes ok, your SO (hopefully), bags, pets and kids, these make you happy but there are other things, little things that put a smile on your face and in your heart. Things that aren't frequent on the nation's happy list but work for you.

    Examples of the strange little things that nevertheless make me happy:

    * listening to newly downloaded tracks on my ipod, in my room in the dark
    all alone
    * seeing the new season adverts in the glossies for the first time (even if
    they are waaaaay over my budget)
    * finding a forgotten lipgloss in last year's bag.
    * coming downstairs and remembering I tidied last night so no doing it now
    (cheers me up no end)
    * waking up briefly during the night and realising it's Sunday.

    I'm sure my list is much longer, you get the idea, those stupid (at first glance) things that make you feel content to be just where you are.
  2. One amendment to the above post, Christian Bale makes me very happy. He pops into my head randomly enough to be on there. Very good for a smile yes he is. :heart: :drool:

  3. Getting mail that isn't a bill.
  4. Ah, yes, the little things.

    * Waking up in the morning and actually feeling pretty good (which has been elusive for months now)
    * Having a really delicious salad for lunch
    * Walking into a room that has recently been painted and marveling at the great color
    * Answering the phone and hearing my 5-year-old niece on the line
    * Making a new recipe
    * Reading a great book
    * Almost anything chocolate
    * Any day that's sunny and warm (like today!)
  5. -playing with my niece/nephs
    -sleeping in
    -reading the sunday papers
    -watching a movie with SO
    -eating something delicious
    -red wine
    -the south!!
    -writing and receiving cards and letters
    -putting together a package for someone i love
    -wandering around the city on my own time
    -my french press
    -getting lost in a book
    -getting something on major sale

    and this is obvious

  6. waking up to a text or phone call from a loved one
    hearing (not necessarily phone maybe email etc) from someone that I havent heard from in a while that is just checking in to see how im doing.
    a good iced latte (especially since ive quit coffee!)
    good food
    enjoying a good laugh with friends or family
    floating in the sea/pool and feeling the sun and cool breeze on my face
    buying something i have wanted for a long time
    getting new magazines
    waking up in a nice hotel room knowing you have a full and exciting day ahead
    when I have baked something and it has turned out really good and I know it and people compliment my baking ability! lol
    bubble baths
  7. * Someone saying something sweet
    * Elle Magazine (i love when a new one comes out)
    *being with my family...most times:rolleyes:
    *Being with my dog
    *When something really good happens at work
    *watching a great movie on dvd
    *going to the beach...I"m always happier there
    *doing something good for someone else
    *giving someone a gift always makes me happy
    *going to Home Goods for something for my apt
    *buying a new dress
    * flowers from the grocery store
    *losing a couple pounds
    *reading a good book
    *having the day off
    *ice skating
    *I love "doing lunch" with my friends
  8. Watching my parrot play with his toys while he is hanging upside down. I love that.
  9. getting a great shot with my camera

    someone calling/emailing just because

    my chinchillas

    warm weather

    a good book

    sleeping in

    bright nail polish on my toes

    a fabulous meal
  10. Princess Pet, the plush bunny rabbit that adopted us a few months ago.

    She sits on a pillow by the mouse pad and listens so attentively to my comments about the intellectual capacity, and occasionally probable ancestry and related inherited disorders of clients.
  11. Getting any sort of package in the mail.

    My cat Kee-Kee.

    Getting the laundry done and the dishes put up.

    Coming home to a clean house.

    Getting to sleep in on any given day.

    Getting to spend the day with my husband.

    Mexican food.
  12. My doggie
    Hearing the UPS truck!
    Beautiful weather
    Being able to see my SO for more than a couple of hrs
    My mom's cooking
    Getting everything done- homework, errands etc
  13. -looking down to see sparkley nailpolish on my nails or a bright color on my toes
    -my warmest blanket, i adore that thing, best christmas present ever!
    -an episode of SVU or NCIS that's not a rerun
    -a random call or text from one of my crazy best friends
    -not getting homework in a class
  14. -Waking up and realising I still have time to sleep
    -Listening to a new song
    -Watching a show I like on TV
    -Getting compliments
    -Getting post cards
    Tons of little things make me happy.
  15. For me its a lot of random things
    watching Jeapordy and knowing most of the questions/answers
    getting new mascara
    seeing my toes and fingernails painted in a really nice color and seeing them be really shiny
    seeing the Yankees beat the Red Sox - no offense to any Redsox fan but this makes me happy everytime
    having a jewelry design that I envisoned in myhead work when I try to construct it
    getting a complement from a complete stanger
    having a friendly argument with someone and knowing that I am right
    finding a new hair product that works
    A good Soy iced Mocha with a shot of Carmel from Starbucks - is there anything better than this ?
    playing my Itunes on shuffle and having the song I was thinking about play next