What non-toki bags do you carry?

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  1. If I'm not carrying a Toki, I will carry my Devi Kroell for Target gold hobo (I love this bag-cheap and cute!) Aside from that I have mostly no-name vintage bags and tons of evening bags which I rarely have occasion to carry anymore with my two little kids. What other bags do you guys use regularly other than your Tokis?
  2. I usually always use my toki. Except in bad weather, even though I think it's okay to use in bad weather, I just perfer not to.
    I'm using this bag as my crap bag :lol:... The brand is "Loungefly" xD
    DSC03286.JPG DSC03287.JPG DSC03288.JPG
  3. I rarely carry non-toki bags since I started collecting, but the last time was for a friend's funeral. I used my DB alto leather handbag. I also carry my Manhattan Portage messenger when I have to lug the laptop around. Other than that, I have about 2 bins full of handbags/backpacks/messenger bags that I still like but should probably give away as I have managed to accumulate a toki for pretty much any occasion.
  4. i carry the lesportsac classic line and sometimes coach.
  5. I wear some harajuku lovers bags... Mostly my toki though.
  6. Kipling - they're light, waterproof and have lots of pockets which I really need. Occasionally Prada for special occasions, a couple of non-branded bags (like the pink bag in photo)

  7. is the red bag in the front kipling? it's so cute! is it still available anywhere?
  8. I have been using this purple synthetic leather bag from Aldo lately, and for school I have used my Juicy Couture Generation Trust Fund Tote. I also have a bunch of other purses I used to use before tokidoki.

  9. awww! your bag is so cute xD
  10. Yes the red bag is Kipling. I got it from someone who got it from Europe. Don't think it is sold here.
  11. i've been all about toki lately, but before toki I carried COACH.
  12. L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac and Emily the Strange.
  13. I have a few LV pieces that I rarely carry now since toki and a prada messenger I carry when I work, since I need to be less obvious.
  14. some clutches, a adidas backpack, and a cotton hobo
  15. When i dont carry my tokidoki's I have been using Balenciaga, LV, Chanel and Juicy bags.