What non-purse Coach Accessory are you using today?

  1. What non-purse Coach Accessory(ies) are you using today?

    I'll start.

    Sunnies and Umbrella (New England Weather)
  2. Sunnies and ipod case. I haven't had a chance to use my umbrella yet... I'm dying to!
  3. My trigger snap keyfob, and wallet. :smile:
  4. B&W sig slides!! (I assume shoes are OK to post, eh?) ;)
  5. Vermillion stripe wristlet and ipod case, red leather mini skinny with my keys on it. :yes:
  6. Sunnies:supacool:, and Valet Key Fob
  7. Legacy striped iPod case :smile:
  8. sigi slim clutch wallet. cause why should today b different from any other day?
  9. I'm not carrying a Coach bag today (my fave bag in the world is my big, soft slouchy Liz Claiborne lamb leather tote I got on sale at Dillards for $79, love it, love it, love it) but I am carrying my keys on my Legacy Stripe Valet keyring and my new pink and orange legacy wallet.
  10. Sunnies, Heart Key Fob, Slim Envelope Wallet
  11. I'm using my black/black sig wristlet and my crimson stripe medium beauty case today (pretty much like any other day).
  12. old checkbook holder, ergo keyfob, cell charm, legacy striped beauty case. oh and a "pen case" (glasses holder) from the outlet.
  13. Oh my goodness, it's a real Coach day!
    Denim Carly, sig striped wallet (no match here), Coach Abigail sunglasses zipped up in a light blue Coach glass case and snap on keyfob.

    Guess it'll be something that goes on my feet, and my Stride gum (although that doesn't really count as an accessory, I know!).
  14. Chelsea Leather Mini Skinny (I use it as my wallet) and Legacy Handbag Charm on my keys!