What Non-LV Bags Do You Carry (or not!)?

  1. I was just pondering my bag collection earlier today whilst supposed to be working, and thinking of how I no longer crave any other bags at all.

    I was thinking too though of how despite loving LV now as much as I do, I'm glad that I still carry other bags in my collection fairly evenly in rotation. This is probably partly because my collection is about 9/10th accessories and my only current bags are 25 and 35 Speedies, but it got me wondering then about you other LV lovers who often have quite extensive LV bag collections and whether you still get around to carrying all your Others?!

    So may I ask, what non-LV bags are there in your collections, and do you still carry them despite LV being your main love? If so what has prompted you to keep them, what is special about them? Is it just the need for other colours to wear with clothing? Or, for those who only carry LV, do you have a mix of colours and styles to suit your wardrobe?

    For me, my current bag collection is vastly whittled down from the eclectic rainbow of colours and brands I had before switching to tan and chocolate! In my bag collection thread (there's a link in my sig) I have a 'before' pic, but now my Others collection consists only of:

    Andrea Brueckner Hamptons Weekender - travel & gym bag, adore it's strong vintage style and how smooshy the fullgrain leather has become with use

    Andrea Brueckner Medium Saddle Bag - my 'black bag', I love it's slouchy style and her embossed basket weave leather

    Andrea Brueckner Vegas Bucket Bag in Brown - love this, using it today and am considering buying it in black, too

    Michael Kors Astor Overnighter in Luggage - OMG love this bag.. has been off rotation the last couple of weeks, but now I'm thinking of it I'll use it tomorrow!

    Mulberry Euston in Olive and Khaki - same size as Speedy 30, I love Mulberry bags but this has recently had very little use

    Mimco Navy Barrel Bag - navy leather sporty looking bag with white trim and shoulder strap, so handy and I love it

    Mimco Denim Button Tote - charcoal denim with thin red suede trim and big brass buttons, this is my rainy day and work bag, slouchy and scruffy, like me

    Botkier Turbo Trigger Bag - white with black trim, my first designer bag but haven't used it in months.. not my style anymore, thinking of selling it

    Vintage Ochre/Tan Leather Rollbag - very small, has random ocassional use

    I guess after selling most of my bags earlier this year, these were my must-keeps. I still like to keep a bit of colour in my collection, plus of course every girl needs a black bag, and I think this is another reason my Speedys don't get used all the time as I'm not always dressed to suit browns.

    My next bag to come is a LV Congo PM, so this I guess will slot in with the Speedys on my 'brown bag' rotation. Am thinking my next LV after that will have to be something colourful so that they'll all actually get some use! I love LV but since most are the same colour or monogram they're not always suited to what I wear, and there's probably only so many brown / mono bags a girl can squeeze into rotation.. :push: ..hence my LV accessories addiction, I guess! I can carry these favourites no matter what bag I put them in! :choochoo:
  2. Well, my first bags were Botkier, and though they were very well-made, the style just wasn't for me so I've sold most of them.

    The only bags I buy other than LV (because I think they're classic enough, and well-made, and affordable) are Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. They're really cute, solid bags (I like the Turnlock ones) with nice hardware-- good casual or medium dressy bags and not too flashy.
  3. i have one vera bradley & one plaid american eagle purse that i use when it rains because all my louis vuittons are classic monograms & i dont want to ruin the leather but i plan on changing that with my next purchase of a damier purse. then i will probably never tote anything other than louis vuitton because i just love them so much :heart:
  4. prada and gucci and MJ
  5. So will you carry a brown bag with you no matter your clothing, Ashley? What about black days? (I still have a black/brown issue!)

    Princess Eab, I love the MbyMJ Turnlock bags! Pretty much the only non-LV bag still on my wishlist from pre-LV days is a Teri Turnlock Tote in both Firebird and Black!
  6. I don't have anything other then LV, although there is a Fendi that I want!
  7. The Marc by Marc Jacobs bags with the turnlock are adorable! My sister just bought one in a tote-style and uses it for schol and loves it.
  8. I mostly use my LVs but I do alternate with Chanel. Those are about all I use anymore, though sometimes I do use my Kate Spade/Haagen-Dazs "Coffee" tote.
    The Chanels are:
    beige/black Cambon reporter
    black/white large Cambon tote
    pink/black Cambon medium tote
    dark beige flap
    white or navy GST
    Valentine hobo
  9. While LV is my favorite, I still carry others :smile:...ok *edit, I see you wanted colors*

    Hermes Birkins...Gold (tan), Blue Jean, chocolate
    Hermes Kelly...black
    Gucci, vintage, several styles...blue, brown
    Luella, Giselles...red, black, pink
    Coach, lots of totes (I especially like the pocket diaper bags)....white (the bee one), light blue, red, pink, brown, black, dot (white with dots)
    Chanel, cambon reporters white, black
    Chanel, naked tote (clear ;) )
    Isabelle Fiore, a couple of styles...I have no idea of there names Bronze, black

    I know I am forgetting some, but you get the idea...I do like other brands :smile:
  10. I carry le sport sac, roots, some gap totes, old navy, ralph lauren, tommy hilfigar, chloe, balanciaga, dior, chanel, fendi, gucci, escada, burberry, coach, and prada. I like bags of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I'm an addict!:p
  11. I love my pradas:heart:! Got 2 blacks with gold hardware and a maroune backpack that I use for gym workouts. And also have 2 gucci totes but theyre mainly used for travel.
  12. Non for me, I only have LV bags.
  13. Gucci for me!
  14. Hmm, I have mostly black , cream , white bags. Chanel , Gucci, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, . LV has been taking all of my money lately, its bad. I still want my white Chanel and I crave the Jimmy Choo blue suede Alex.
  15. I have Coach (pre-TPF)
    and I also have some Gucci but now I only buy LV