What? No one watches Real World Sydney In this place? LMAO

  1. From the episodes that I have watched so far, I sincerly hope that Shavon knows what she is doing by leaving this "experience" to go be with a guy who doesnt seem very supportive.

    Trisha- big headed girl who looks high with really nice hair but seems alittle conceited and mean.

    Parissa- I want to say she is my favorite one, so polite although a little meddling. She is very responsible among the rest of the group. I still dont understand why they dont like her

    Dunbar- Cannot stand this man. He is hot tempered, ugly [in my opinion], and plain annoying

    Issac- OH WOW!! this man is hot. but quite wierd to like wearing overalls with nothing underneath but seems like a fun guy.

    Ashli- the new girl. Seems very empty headed, and for some reason is attracted to Dunbar.

    The other brunette girl- cant remeber her name but doesnt matter because she is very irrelevant in my opinion. a Attention grabbing ho-bag! :roflmfao: (can i say that?)

    Let me know your thoughts on the show and the characters, and dont be ashamed that you watched the show. I DO!! **takes meds, drinks water** and I dont see nothing wrong with it:lol:

    how can I forget Cohutta? REAL southern gentleman. Nothing more to say about him, except the fact that he has an adorable personality and has boyish good looks
  3. I love watching this season of Real world. These kids are crazy!! I wonder if Issac is coming back??? I think Dunbar is going to cheat on his girl with that new girl roommate I forgot her name. I don't like him either he is such a muscle head.
  4. Didn't watch the last show. Why did Issac leave?
  5. I already know he is going to cheat. I just dont understand how all these girls think he is so attractive (until of course they REALLY get to know them

    his grandfather died I believe
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I love this show and there was an old thread on it when it this season first started and then it kinda of died off. Let's bring it back :smile:
    Jahpson I totally agree with your opinions of the cast! I hope Isaac and that girl stay together or whatever they are... they are cute together.

  7. thanks for that. I always knew that she was making a mistake. I mean if she broke off the engagement the first time, what made her think that the second time would be any better? If you truly love someone, breaking up and making up especially an engagement wouldnt be an option.

    I still dont understand why he just didnt come and visit her in Sydney! He just wanted her to make an effort in the relationship, while he did not. Its unfair:nogood:
  8. ^^^^^^^^ I also have been watching it, and agree she should not have left. I think David should have compromised with her.
  9. Kirsten, thanks for those links! we must try and keep this thread up because im sure there are people out there who watch that show wether they want to admit it or not. lol
  10. I've been watching it...

    This season is alright. Nothing spectacular but it's not that bad either.

    I don't really have a favorite cast member LOL. There's nothing too originial about any of them compared to some of the past seasons. But Cohutta makes me smile every time he talks :smile:
  11. This season is crazy!! So much drama among the females. For me, this season has been like a train wreck that you can't tear your eyes away from.
  12. I think Parisa would be so cute if her personality wasn't as annoying.
  13. I watch!

    I don't get the Dunbar attraction at all, he isnt cute. Seriously, what do they see that I am missing? I think Cohutta is cute & polite. Trisha & Shauvon need to lay off the makeup, Shauvon made a huge mistake leaving for her ex. If he really loved her he would have went to Sydney or let Shauvon enjoy the rest of her stay. Compromises like that are a huge red flag. Kellyann is a huge tease, she is really pretty. Ashli, I dont care for her. She made herself look like an idiot by picking a fight with the blonde in the bar. Parisa, she is my fave. I dont get why the other roomies seem to pass her off as unattractive, she is very pretty but sadly annoying.