What nice things have you done lately?

  1. I love "paying it forward" so I was curious about the nice things everyone has done lately. Did you smile at a stranger? Play peek-a-boo with a child? Help build a home for a needy family? No matter how big or small, what nice thing did you do?

    I'll start, today DH and I saw an old woman who had blown her tire. We drive by at first, then realized there was no "man" around to help to change the tire, so around we turned and helped. Then another man showed up and helped us help them. It was not much, but when we would not accept money, she asked if she could at least give us a hug. It was great!

    So, to keep the happiness going, tell us what you did lately!
  2. I enjoy waving at small children who stare at me being in a wheelchair. ALWAYS makes them smile. But until the ramp gets here and I can get out by myself, that's about all I can do.

    The biggest one I remember as a RAOK was this past fall... we were coming out of the bank parking lot after cashing a check and there was a guy with his motorhome (a horribly beat up one that I believe was also his only home) and his dog, he was holding a sign that said "Out of gas, please help me get to Crescent City". I had Dh pull over and I gave him 20.oo. He started to cry and kept saying "God Bless you!" I replied "He already has, Sir!" and as we drove away I saw him get down on the ground with his dog and hug her. He waved at us until we turned a corner and couldn't see him anymore.

    Feels good, doesn't it? Lately I've been on the other end of you all's RAOK and it is the most incredible feeling knowing that I've been appreciated as well.
  3. I would never ever say what I do for people but I like to help where I can!
  4. Roz is wayyy too modest and humble! But I can tell you all she's done for me!! She saved my life and she continues to talk me through the good times as well as the bad! I swear she follows me around to make sure I'm okay here!! :p She took over the ROAK fund, answers all my emails and questions, makes sure I am on the up and up... AND she sent me a wonderful makeup bag WITH makeup and some beautiful clothes for dining out in, as well as two GORGEOUS scarves for my niece Erin!!! She is the best of the best!!!

    (There ya go Roz, you may not toot your own horn, but I WILL!)
  5. Most recent good deed done was today, I rescued a yorkie near a highway. It was snowing on and off and the temperatures on the east coast are frigid right now. The dog doesn't have a tag identifying the owners, but he has rabies tag...problem is the vet's hospital is located in Connecticut (I'm calling tomorrow morning, the office is closed today) so the owners must have moved, or they HOPEFULLY were simply visiting family in NJ and the dog ran away. If they did move, it would be difficult to find the owners unless the vet knows the new address, right? Poor doggie, he is so cute and friendly. I gave him a bath, cut off the matted hair on his rear end and I brushed him for an hour. :heart:
  6. I try conciously to do at least 1 nice thing per day. Once a week I try to pick out somebody who looks like they really need it but I don't know and do something for them. I honestly feel better doing that- I sent cards and packages to friends for a long time and some of them didn't even bother to let me know they got them!

    Glad to see this thread though! I feel bad sharing details... like it doesn't count if I talk about the stuff I do? hehe.
  7. That is so sad! I love it, it's so kind of you :smile:

    ETA: The last random act of kindness I can remember was when I had seen a homeless guy with a really sweet dog when I was shopping, and I felt so bad for him! My parents learned me to never give them money (because they'll most certainly spend it on drugs or alcohol) so I went into the bakery on the corner and bought a bag of currant loafs for him. He was really happy and surprised!
  8. Today there was an old man in the street, he looked very shabby and he was walking with a stick; some of his purchases had fallen to the ground and he had problems picking them up. So I picked them up for him and he said to me "I love you!" That was very funny and very nice...
    Regina :smile:
  9. I'm with Roz on this one: I don't recount what "nice" things I do -- even to family and friends. Relating good deeds is the one sure thing that will get me blushing to my ears -- feels akin to the embarrassment I'd feel if asked to relate accomplishments or the like. Good deeds are to be done, not to be told.