What next?

  1. After four orange boxes in three days, and having three searches turn up just like I wanted, I'm feeling a little lost because I don't seem to have an aim when I step into the H.

    It's a weird feeling to have, because yesterday when I picked up the last of my searches that came in, my SA said to me "Now that you've gotten everything you were searching for, is there anything else you'd like to get?" And I just went :wtf: because I had no idea.

    Any suggestions on where I should turn my attention to? Thinking of maybe a karo, but I'm not sure. Maybe scarves, I don't know. I'm not in the market for a bag right now (although I am in the market for admiring them from far!) so any suggestions would be good :graucho:
  2. A Karo would be great! I'm also in love with the 70cm scarves right now. :tup:
  3. pyrexia--How about some china? There are some beautiful patterns in the line.
  4. Congratulations, pyrexia to receive the shipment of your searches. Show pics!

    I was looking for a violet chevre Karo and the search is also successful but who knows when that's going to come. I was told that whenever another H store responds to a search request, the item has to be shipped back to Paris first, re-inventorised and then ship out again. This applies to international searches only. Not applicable to US inter-state transfers.

    How about a Hermes wallet next? :graucho:
  5. pyrexia, I think a Karo would be good. I am thinking of what leather and colour for mine.
  6. Wallet or Karo! Both very functional accessories that you'll get lots of use from :yes:
  7. I agree with Cristina, a wallet if you would need one and a Karo. The Karo in a bright colour is just fabulous.
  8. i say karo too! i'm getting one in vermillion. though i kind of wish it was raisin or a purple color. i tried one on recently at a store near me and omg the color was delicious!
  9. I vote Karo too. I have a vermillion chevre, and it's really easy to find in your bag.