What Next For Sophia?

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  1. Hello!

    I am finally home for my final exams before the holiday break! I am so ready for a few weeks of rest. But, I cant say my break will be for long. It seems like the first few days of January, I will be back up in Los Angeles, before returning home for my 2nd semester studies. It sucks.

    Also, this year I have gotten the Monogram Lockit and the White MC Alma.

    So what should I get first in 2008. I have some ideas, and I will let you guys pick.

    1)Chanel Expandable Flap, I fell in love with the Chanel botique a few weeks ago. Both me and my mom were in utter love with this bag.

    2)Cabas Mezzo, I am in need of a big shoulder bag!

    My problem is, that Im drifting away from LV. Chanel is just as timeless and also as gorgeous as Vuitton bags! LV is still my favorite, but I need a break! Thanks for helping me choose!

    :heart: Sophia. ​
  2. hmmm the way chanel prices increase, i'd be scared to buy one. but i do like the exflap more than the mezzo :smile:
  3. To be honest, I personally prefer the Cabas, but if you feel that you need a break from LV and love the Chanel, you should definitely go with that one :yes:
  4. I have and love the Mezzo but you can always get one of those...I'd get the Chanel before the prices go up again.
  5. Have you thought about the Chanel GST? Its shape is similar to the Cabas!

    I personally do not like the expandable flap very much, but if you love it then I would get that! We all need a variety!
  6. Thanks you guys!

    Its not that im hating on LV, I just feel that there are so many other SPECTACULAR brands out there.

    Like, my SA at Balenciaga keeps calling and telling me of new items and whatnot. And Im def. a new found Chanel ADDICT!
  7. I'm a huge fan of the Mezzo, but I'm voting for the Chanel this time! It's so pretty, and you can always get the Mezzo.
  8. the expandable flap model really doesn't do it for me.... so I'm going to vote for the mezzo.
  9. Aw, i love the CEF though.

    The GST is GORGEOUS too!
  10. I love the expandable flap. I am all over bags that zip up on the bottom, there's just something so neat about that style. I am looking into my first Chanel too! I'm waiting for LV to make something I can't live without.
  11. I'd go for the Chanel. Shake things up a bit! LV and I have an open relationship. I will always lvoe him but sometimes I need to stray ya know? :graucho:
  12. I love that Chanel and I am not a Chanel fan at all. Owned a few, but they just didn't do anything for me!
  13. If you like the Chanel, get it! Buy what you like. People's tastes change over time. I know mine has. If LV is not doing it for you anymore then try something new. You have no obligation to LV. You are looking to spend alot of cash so get something that you will enjoy!:okay:
  14. I think you ought to get a Chanel bag, either the one you posted or the GST. It's always nice to have a mix of gorgeous bags from different luxury lines. Chanel is also so timeless. Good luck!
  15. Whats the retail on that Chanel bag?