What next for me???????

  1. I had a very pleasant chat with my SA this morning and he told me that my black chevre 30cm Birkin is now 'in the system':yahoo: . So it's now the usual H waiting game (major yawn!!!!).

    He casually inquired what was next on my list........

    So, that got me thinking...... what next??

    I have my Kelly (32cm black togo with gold h/w) and will have a 30 cm black chevre Birkin with pall h/w.

    I am thinking another Kelly........ 28 cm black box?? Black box Birkin???? Any other suggestions?
  2. A Bolide!!!
  3. Bolide, I have been drooling over 24s ebene....
  4. Rose...do you like anything besides black in color?
  5. Rose, how about some colour next? Rouge H? :idea:
  6. Hey...are you close friends with shopmom...the black bag lady who is looking to branch out to some green?
  7. Bolide. 31cm. Vert Feuillage.
  8. mrssparkles...I love rouge H and I think it is a wonderful idea for a "low key", but high impact colored bag...especially for someone who loves black bags like myself.
  9. Shopmom, you are a PUNK and a rebel!:wtf:
  10. Oh...here is the green bag lady!
  11. ^^ the "once-a-upon-a-time" black lady shopmom is. She's got Goldy ....
  12. :rochard:
  13. Hey, I love green, have the vert fonce and anise:p
  14. Me too, KB. I love Rouge H. To me, it's a royal colour. :heart:
  15. I do love color but don't think I can pull it off. I really only do black and brown but branch out iinto the world of color with my scarves. Rouge, vert.....

    Maybe a birkin/Kelly in vert Feuillage (that's less bright than the anis?). That should go with black, brown, denim, and summer white..... even cream?