What next? Birkin? Kelly?

  1. Hi Ladies as you all are so sweet and informative I'll like to ask for some advice.

    I was lucky enough to buy a Birkin (30cm Etoupe) and a Kelly (32cm Havanne) just by popping into H stores around Europe in the space of 4 months. I will be visiting some other cities and hopefully FSH soon. As I am petite I will try for the 28 to 32 cm size range but what do you suggest I get if I am lucky? Thanks v much in advance!

  2. Black box Kelly 28 sellier.
  3. You could do a 28 cm HAC, which would elongate your petite frame, but small enough so that it won't overwhelm you!
  4. Great suggestion! One of each of the classics would be amazing. Are you looking for a something in a fun color or something classic?
  5. Thanks hello2730 would that not be very difficult to find?
    wow Kelly32 I never would have considered a HAC! Hmmm now have to think v hard!
    alo6 Yup I was just wondering which is why I need advice, the etoupe and havanne seem to be quite safe but I would like a Rouge H or a Gold too.
  6. I'm with Hello. You cannot go wrong with the 28 box kelly... a true classic
  7. Yup:tup:
  8. mich327, Nola,

  9. I agree with the girls above, though I want to add to the list the JPG shoulder Birkin. It's very modern and light, great towards spring and summer!

    If you can find one, I would maybe go for a special leather and colour in a Birkin. I used to be only fan of Birkins and Kellys, but I find the Lindy really fun and wearable. Go and browse the H directory for fun colours and sifferent leathers / exotic skins.
  10. DiamondsS Thanks again, I have been looking at the stickys and dreaming away...Somehow I don't see myself managing the Lindy and I was wondering if the JPG is not too long for me as I haven't seen a JPG IRL. Exotics are out of my league at present :drool: I will keep looking for that next special bag.
  11. I got my mother a rough H HAC with phw and it's stunning!
  12. [​IMG]

    My mother's 32 HAC in Epsom rouge H.
  13. Wow! Is your Mom tall? That is a very different Rouge H from what I remember. It looks really nice n bright...
  14. Are you sure it's rouge H? That's very different from the rouge H I know. Super bag though! Looks like vermillion to me.
  15. ^^ That's what I thot too.