What new style is this? a bowler shaped balenciaga!

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  1. ^ i think this is the small size mid day that comes with RH :yes:
  2. i like it.
  3. ^^ Me, too! Love the colour and style and the leather looks really nice.
  4. I read in another thread that this is not the Mid day. The Mid day only comes in GH. This is another style and it comes in 2 sizes.

  5. I thought someone posted about this style coming in 3 sizes?
    Does anyone know the dimensions and what colours it actually comes in?
    I heard it came in black, gold, and silver..but on the brown's site, it shows it in brown...
  6. I think this is the style that comes in 3 sizes with camel leather.
  7. That's the Mid Day, Medium in saddle :heart:
  8. It's Pre-fall RH Midday. Was told by SA that it comes in two sizes. I've seen it IRL and the leather is camel and it's tough, not soft at all.
  9. Okay I am reallyyy starting to like this bag! Its interesting they are playing with a different leather. While I love the leathers they have been using, this is a nice texture as well.
  10. The leather does look really tough on it. But i love the mid day style!!

  11. The Camel will start out tough, but believe me ... over time, it becomes scrumptious! I have the camel Aviator and it's one of my favorite bags because of the unique style and how the leather has worn.
  12. Oh yeah! My bad!:yes:
  13. I saw this bag in black at a local boutique. I thought it was a fake because the tassels are sewn. You can see this on the bag at Brown's too. Is that something new? The boutique I was at carries a lot of high end designer stuff. So, I was a little taken aback by the "fake".

    Anyone know anything the stitching on the tassels?

    By the way, the leather was tough.
  14. ^ I've seen stitching on the tassels in some of the limited edition and holiday special lines, such as this F/W '05 Denim Shoulder bag:



    As did the Matelasse bags which were also trimed in Wild Boar Leather as the Shoulder was above.


    Which also had an extra stitch along the strap, as seen here:

    It kinda makes me wonder if those extra stitches help keep the bag looking new longer or if it's just something fun to do with an exotic leather like Wild Boar or Camel. I don't really mind the stitch, I guess it adds more structure to the tassel so they aren't as flowy which would lessen my enjoyment of them, but for the handle, maybe that stitch would help prevent the puffiness and/or leather separation I sometimes see on used handles...it would keep the leather in place! Then I guess curling would be the only tell-tale sign of a much carried, sometimes tightly, bag. Hhmmm....