What New LV Have You Bought since the "shortage"?

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  1. It seems more and more intentional that LV is having such a shortage on the more popular styles. Reading some of these threads I think we are almost forced to buy bags we have overlooked just to get our LV fix. Not saying they aren't beautiful bags, but would you have purchased it over what you really went in for? :shrugs:
  2. unfortunatly no more new bags for me till my 22 birthday on nov 30th.
  3. I put in a lot of thought first before buying any LV bag that's why each piece has it's own story/memory. I make sure it's something I'm going to enjoy, get use out of, and love forever.
  4. The only bag I've purchased since the shortage is the Idylle Fusain Speedy. It's the bag I wanted next and the one I was willing to wait for (my lovely Store Manager found me one in another store and transferred it in when she realized it might be a long time before we'd see another one via regular channels). I suppose it's possible that I would've picked something else if this one would've been unavailable for a longer period, but fortunately I only had to wait a few weeks.
  5. My most recent purchase was the Damier Alma NM back in August. I did have it on my list to look at in the store but the Galliera was the one stuck in my head since I've been wanting it for so long. Unfortunately the store was completely sold out of the Galliera PM in both Mono and Azur, which led me to purchase the Alma, but I do love it :smile:
  6. If you still want that Galleria PM Azur there is one in the Neiman Marcus San Antonio.
  7. Thanks for the info :smile:

    But with the current Canadian price decrease I think the price of the Galliera is a bit less than US prices, especially if I have to pay for shipping & duties.

    Plus I have my bag fix...for now....still waiting on the Empreinte collection :biggrin:
  8. Bought mother-in-law Artsy MM instead of Galliera PM. It seems like more and more popular models are out of stock very quickly. It's very surprising to me.
  9. No, if they didn't have something I wanted, I wouldn't buy another LV instead. Case in point, my Artsy. I went in for it, had to do a charge-hold, and came back when it was available. I don't want to feel forced into buying something just because the bag I really wanted wasn't readily available - I'd end up regretting it.

    That weekend, however, I did come out with the Playtime charm for my Artsy. =)
  10. I wouldn't buy another LV bag if they don't have the item i want.
    I went to Singapore 2 wks ago with a list of 6 items I wanted to buy & they have 5 items available,not bad right?
    I even got a Galliera Azur MM which was made in wk 32 2010!
  11. I bought a Totally PM a couple of weeks ago. I went in to look at several bags, and they had everything I wanted to see except for a mono Petite Noe. However, there were only two Speedys in the entire store (25's), and the supply was limited to just one in quite a few styles. Customers were actually waiting their turn to look at a bag because it was the only one in the store. The Totally I bought was the last one they had.
  12. I recently bought the Bloomsbury PM and Damier Coin Purse at Saks in Chicago. The did have a couple available at the time.
  13. I bought the Pershing PM in NYC a week and half ago. I am dreading the trip to return it as I doubt any of the bags I want will be available. Three weeks ago, I got an Azur cles just to get my fix while I was waiting to travel to NYC to get the Pershing - I really wish it did not get covered in fingerprints.
  14. If they didn't have the bag I wanted I wouldn't buy something else.
  15. I feel that if they don't have what I want, they don't get my business. I'm not going to play now you see it, now you don't games.