What new GUCCI Bag should I buy next ? =)

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  1. My Gucci collection is: (still have to get a group shot...they are all separated, one at my house in a nother city, one at my other apartment and the rest are at my boyfriend's apartment...)

    1) Gucci Medium Hobo Chain purse in brown leather

    2) Gucci Abbey Large Tote in off white leather:

    3) Beltbag w/ brown leather


    4) wristlet w/ ball charm


    As you can see, everything I have that's gucci has the GG fabrric....I love the leather bags, however it is way above my budget. I'm looking for osmething under $1000 for my next bag....also i like shoulder bags too =) Any suggestions?
  2. The britt hobo in the GG crystal is under 1k I think and the black and brown are both beautiful!
  3. i'm not familiar with the name's of the bags and how they look..i'll have to search it on the website =) Thank you =)
  4. hmm each of the brit styles dont' say hobo..they always say shoulder bag or tote....
  5. I think she means these bags:

    http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/handbags/#169947_BD00G_1000 $695

    http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/handbags/#182491_BD00G_1000 $890

    Or how about going a bit over budget and getting a guccissima abbey?
    http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/handbags/#130736_AA61G_2019 $1090

    Or you could wait for the sale, leather bags are 40% off.
  6. Sorry I should have been more clear the ones that gucciabbey posted are great choices and just what I was talking about... I also think you could wait for the sale 40% off could get you a bag that was origionally out of your budget!
  7. OMY GOODNESS! am i not up to date with everything? When is the sale and at gucci stores or outlet only???? =) Is there a thread discussing this? Thank you again ladies for your help =) I think I would def. wait for the sale then if there is going to be one!
  8. 40% off??? seriously?? I want to know where and when too!! The Gucci store in SF hardly ever have any sales...
  9. Gucci has sales 2 times a year. Late Nov and Late June. The canvas bags are 30% off and leather bags are 40% off. Usually it is just seasonal bags that go on sale. Classic styles never go on sale. The sale is in the stores and also on line.