What new Bbag to get? Going to Nm at Fashion Valley tomorrow.

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  1. Going to NM in San Diego tomorrow. I really want a Bbag and my husband said I could have one for our 3 year anniversary. The most expensive purse he has bought me so far is a $650 Isabella Fiore. So this is big for him, he thinks spending $1000 or more on a bag is crazy. Any suggestions. I need something black and medium to large in size?
  2. a black city or work would be prob. in the size range you are looking at!
  3. I vote black city or work. Try them on and see what you think. Black cities and Work's have become harder to find lately. I would call ahead and have them tell their stock. I black day bag would great too.
  4. What about the part time? Are they still avail? I looove them!!
  5. I would get a Black City or black Day. Why is the black city and work hard to find now?
  6. city or part time that is in a neutral color like black, white, natural or sandstone. The sizes and colors of these choices are more versatile and classic. Good luck and I hope you find the perfect bag.
  7. Im leaning towards a city or part time. I hope NM has one tomorrow in black, because thats what need.
  8. So I went and there was a black east-west on sale for only like $790. But it was too small I thought. They had the shoulder and the matelasse but they wernt what I want. I am so sad!
  9. ^ Was this E/W bag the Part-Time or which style was it?? If it was a PT, I need to get my butt to a NM, pronto!!! :nuts:
  10. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that they didn't have anything you liked. Maybe you could call BalNY and have them ship it to you? That way you'd save on tax too. Good luck!