What new bag are YOU stalking your postman for..?

  1. I'm (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of my Big Black Betty, and it's got me thinking.. all around the world, at any given moment, a good percentage of certified bag addicts are surely awaiting recent purchases. [​IMG]

    So, what are YOU waiting for? Show us all what's got your knickers in a twist, why you have your postal system track'n'trace website as your homepage, and why your postman won't go past your house alone! :graucho:
  2. Here's the cause of my sleepless nights.. my Chloe Betty in large.. can't wait until she's here! Hopefully she'll be in my hot little hands by the end of the week, but my gosh it's painful waiting!!! :sweatdrop:

  3. LV neverfull GM murakami :p
    it should be here in a day or two

  4. Ahhhhhhh, you got one!!!! Hurrah!!!! :yahoo:
  5. yeah i finally got one LOL
    i decided to get this because i can't sleep for days thinking about this bag.
    i try to contemplate by thinking of purchasing another bag but i just can't

    i tried the miu miu napa tote IRL and it's just too bulky for my frame
    and the MBMJ delancey dr Q is TOO big for an everyday use

    so i ended up getting this LOL
  6. I'm receiving the tracking number today of this new beauty... and then just wait for the mailman :biggrin:
  7. got a call from the custom... they're delivering the bag to local post office near my place :yahoo:
    i'll be able to pick it up tomorrow or the day after
  8. I'm waiting for the HH mercer triple satchel in grey blue to almost complete my US designer collection.
    I guess I'll get her next week.
  9. A Fendi Petrol spy!!! Aaahhh, I've been dying for this colour... I can't wait! :yahoo:
  10. I'm waiting for a Marc Jacobs Kid in Plum :love:
    and a Gryson nylon Skye in Grey
    Plum Kid.jpg
  11. I am waiting for an ivory balenciaga city.
  12. A dark grey Rebecca Minkoff Matinee. It's a phone order from Nordie's and I only know that it's arriving via DHL, but I have no idea when and it's driving me bonkers with anticipation!


    I'm totally envious of Melly's plum MJ Kid, though!
  13. My beautiful new Ivory Betsey Johnson union Hobo :heart:, great deal from ActiveEndeavors (pic is no longer on their site booo). Also an Elephant RM MA Mini, an RM date clutch and a Linea Pelle Sierra Messenger. Where IS that UPS guy??!!! :p

  14. My long time obsession -- and I finally splurged. Gucci Britt large tote in choco brown should be in by Friday -- Yppppieee.:wlae:
  15. it's almost 4 am and i can't sleep!!!
    i want my bag NOW!!!! LOL