What Neverfull would compliment my small collection? MM/GM Monogram/Damier Ebene?

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  1. Lately I've been really intrigued by the Neverfull...I think I'm ready to potentially purchase it but I'm torn between sizes and patterns. I either want the Monogram or the Ebene b/c those are my favorites but I'm not sure what would best compliment what I already have. Once the pattern question is answered I'm torn on size. I'm really looking for something that's not going to be too similar to what I already have and will bring some variety to a growing collection.

    Currently I have a Trevi PM and a Batignolles Horizontal (with a Galleria Damier Ebene hopefully arriving in March).

    Any thoughts as to what would be a good pick based on what I already have!

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. if you already have mono and damier coming, why not take my DH's suggestion- get azur b/c you dont have that one. i also got the GM b/c i didnt have any bags that big as well. my collection ranged from slg's, pochettes and eva's to beaubourg, monty pm and speedy 35. it was a no brainer for me. although i havent used it yet i am happy with my purchase
  3. Damier Ebene Neverfull GM!
  4. What are you planning on using it for? If for overnight trips, I'd go for GM. If you're planning on using it as an everyday bag, then MM will be much more practical. As for pattern, I prefer Damier Ebene over Monogram. If you are considering Azur, I think the MM would make a perfect spring/summer tote.
  5. I thought about the Azur but I'm worried that it would be harder to maintain and that I'd be at risk of it getting dirty b/c it's so light. I'm pretty hard on my bags and one of the reasons why I want to try and expand my collection is to be able to mix them up more so I'm not putting so much stress on them.

    Not gonna lie though but when they recently featured it on their website a few weeks ago I was seriously considering it!
  6. It would be for everyday and mainly for work. I've only had my Trevi for a little less then a year and I'm worried that I've put a lot of wear on it since I use it everyday. I want try and change off and have a decent amount of space since I always feel the need to carry everything with me!

  7. that being said- damier ebene GM
  8. GM monogram!
  9. Azur NF MM gets my vote :smile: Good luck deciding!
  10. damier mm
  11. My 1st suggestion was going to be the Azur NF MM but since you have ruled it out, I'd go with the Damier NF MM! I have one and love it! It can hold a ton! It's one of my most used and abused LV's!

    Good luck deciding!
  12. Mono GM!
  13. Damier Ebene GM gets my vote.
  14. Since you already have a BH, I'd say get the NF in Damier! MM is the best size, IMO. Good luck deciding!
  15. i would go with Ebene GM, i have the MM, but it just kinda small for me.