What neutral, non shimmer eyeshadows are the best?

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  1. I am looking for some non-shimmer everyday eyeshadow. I have black hair and brown eyes. I normally wear Bobbi Brown shimmer shades. I think they may be too shimmery for my conservative work place.

    So I am now looking for something less shimmery. Any suggestions? What brands are the best for eyeshadow?

  2. if you been wearing bobbi brown try her matte shadows they are fantastic for a conservative work place.
  3. Mac makes a ton of matte shadows. I'm not usually a Mac fan, but I do like their shadows. Also Chanel, specifically Sand is a neutral brown which can work well with most skin types.
  4. nars eyeshadows are really great
  5. I'm not a Stila fan but love their eyeshadows. Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadows are pretty lasting. All their shades go well with dark haired ladies.
  6. Yes, NARS too. I forgot to mention them.
  7. I absolutely love LORAC shadows. They are creme to powder texture and honestly stay put all day!! Inspiration is the very light neutral base I use for any color on top.
  8. I have some Lancome eyeshadows. no shimmer, just color. but not to bright and drag queenish like MAC
  9. The Bobbi Brown Neutral Palatte is fantastic.
  10. A second vote for Stila.

    Also, I just tried Armani eyeshadow in maestro #1. It's a matte nude pink that looks great on Asian skin and doesn't give you that bruised eye look.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to look at the mentioned counters this weekend. I have so many eyeshadows but not any matte colors!
  12. You can try MAC e/s. I own ALOT of them lol. They have tons of Matte e/s which doesn't have a shimmer to it. They have quite a variety! :smile: