What Neiman's Bought in Jaune & Violina

  1. My Neiman's SA got in touch with the buyer for Neiman's and found out what styles Neiman's bought in Jaune and Violina (and those are the Neiman's color names for yellow and violet).

    I have asked for clarification from her on the "Giant Day Hobo" (I explained to her that there's two different styles - the "Giant Day" and the "Giant Hobo"). Also, the buyer is going to call her back to let her know whether they ordered Giant Gold Hardware and/or Giant Silver Hardware on the giant styles.

    I probably should have waited to post this until I got more info, but maybe someone else already knows more info and can contribute. Watch this thread for updates!


    Giant Day Hobo (?? huh? ;) )
    Birken Tote
    Birken clutch
    Giant Envelope
    Work Tote


    Work Tote

    I have no idea what the "Birken Tote," "Birken clutch" and "Suitbag" are - does anyone know?

    You know what ... this can't be totally right ... because no way would they not order the City! Like I said, this thread will need updating. ;)
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post Neimans violet and jaune info:smile:

    How I wish all of these department stores and boutiques could get on the same page with the styles names and colours. It makes my head spin.:rolleyes:
  3. I don't know how they came up with "violina" - I have determined from a google search that you get mostly photos of violins :confused1: when you use that word (I tried both google.it and google.fr). The only way I could come up with the violet color was to input "violine," so I guess someone probably messed up when they set the names ... :rolleyes:
  4. good recon work Fiat!! :ninja:
  5. thx for the info
  6. "Violine" is what Nordstrom uses to refer to violet. I appreciate the info. I'm surprised that they will only have a limited selection of the violet color - I guess that's good for me, since I am jonesing hard for that color. I keep seeing violet on all of the fall catalogs and it is driving me nuts. I used to think that the yellow would be my fav, but not anymore.
  7. :nuts: Birken, suitbag, violina....WTF??? Thanks for the update on NM's, fiat. :tup:
  8. Okay, well I have a small update. The SA checked again w/the buyer and got back to me.

    Regarding the "Giant Day Hobo":
    :confused1: Maybe this is what Neiman's is calling the new Women's Besace? *lol*

    In response to my question about "surely they ordered Cities and Part Times as well?" she said:
    If someone has a good SA who can double-check this info, please do ask them!

  9. I'm going to see Lee at Short Hills, NM tomorrow. Lets see if he knows anything more. I'll report back