What negative FB should I leave?

  1. As you may recall, I was waiting for a dispute to be resolved with a NPB. She bought the bag and then claimed she was waiting for a replacement credit card for one that had been stolen. To try to prompt her to pay, I mentioned I had planned on relisting the bag if she didn't pay. She responded to the dispute by saying that she eventually got the card but assumed I had relisted and sold the bag....of course she didn't bother to contact me to ask and when the dispute was filed, it took her a few days to reply. She only mentioned that she had even gotten the replacement card when I directly asked her. So, I am going to - her. I could let it go but she deserves a -. I guess I will get my first one too. But I am not sure what to say since I have never left a -.
  2. I would close the dispute specifying that you no longer want to deal with the buyer. You will get your fees back and she will get a NPB strike from eBay. It doesn't take too many of these before she gets kicked off. Personally I wouldn't give a neg if you think you are going to get a neg back. Negs hurt sellers a lot more than they hurt buyers.
  3. Don't bother, your reputation worth more than her negative. She can always lie and accuse you of something else in the feedback forum. Let eBay strike her and that's it.
  4. Ok. Thanks for the advice.
  5. If she responded to the dispute, she can leave you FB. Personally I would want to leave her a neg since she was a NPB.

    If she does retaliate, you can go through Square Trade to get the neg removed from your account. I did this once myself. It cost $30 but it was worth it to me.