What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Hi Designerhbgirl! :smile: Sadly, I had to return my black/nickel Bays when she arrived, faulty, from mytheresa.com. The grainy leather was gorgeous, but they'd rammed her into a tiny box, folding the handles right down, and the padlock and inking on the handles had gouged deep grooves into the leather of the bag ... :sad:

    As regards a favourite Mulberry, my avatar Womble is special because she was a gift from my late godmother and a totally gorgeous bag! Unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to use her as the sheepskin isn't exactly practical in our Autumn weather - but the interior is sooo cuddly! I love the (now discontinued) Mabel style, with her zipped central section and two slide pockets either side, and am currently using my Small Bayswater Satchel (particularly my oak lady) a lot. I don't carry my Lexy girls as often as I should - and Teddy hasn't even had her first outing yet, despite my buying her at the end of May!

    Around here, I see a lot of ladies carrying Radley bags, LK Bennett or Kipling. You do see the occasional Mulberry, Burberry or LV, and sometimes a Coach, but it's pretty rural and you'd need to venture into a city to find the more "high end" range being worn. When I went to London last summer, I was in Mulberry-spotting Heaven - I think my DH was worried at how adept our DDs were at identifying them, too! ;)
  2. I am Norwegian, and M is popular here, but not to popular. We have one official M store here, in Oslo. There there are also a few high fashion stores which carry the M line. I first fell in love with M seeing a picture of Alexa Chung and her oak Alexa. I now currently own three Alexas, a Bayswater, Christy clutch, small Clipper and one other bag on its way👍😉
  3. Hi! I'm pretty much the same when it comes to the recent models, although the new quilted ones seem interesting.

    I would love to visit New Zealand some day, one relative just spent 6 months there and based on her pics the place is soooooo beautiful!
  4. Born in Singapore
    Grew up in Asia/Australia
    Reside in the US
  5. Yeah she does :smile: She has studied and worked abroad ever since I was little so I'm used to the fact that she is not around. Miss her every once in a while, but she is happy with her life and that's the most important thing :smile:
  6. Wuhuu hej there, atleast one other from the Nordic!! \o/ M is popular here in Finland too but we only have one store... Which is enough as I live close to it :biggrin:

  7. Hei:smile: Yep, some of us have to support the British economy;) Well as long as you have one nearby, and you also have a Chanel?, we do not have that here😭
  8. Yay......:ghi5: a big Welcome, there don't seem to be many of us on here

    Mulberry seem fairly scarce in this part of UK. I've only ever seen three in my home town over the years.
  9. Hi, I'm from Antwerp, Belgium. As a major fashion capital it is really sad not to see Mulberry here... Most people from Antwerp carry LV (like myself), Longchamp (everywhere!), and Kipling (headquarters are here) and also Delvaux (beats Hermes). We do have a lot of young avant-garde designer boutiques here, because of our famous fashion academy and collection of Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, etc, but that's not my cup of tea 😄
  10. Yeah we have one store, Della Marga, selling Chanel, the only one in Nordic.. I don't understand how they have managed to become a reseller. BUT it has total rip-off prices!! Can't recommend that. Comes cheaper to buy a trip to Paris and buy the bag there. Like I did ;)
  11. I would have been easily distracted by the Lexy too, I think you made the right choice!

  12. True..The only thing I miss in Antwerp is a Mulberry.. Roermond (NL) is the closest..maybe it's not so bad...because I'm a little addicted to Mulberry..and my husband is not so keen on me spending our money in the Mulberry shop. 😊
  13. This is a really lovely topic.....finding out all about your background. I was born in Guyana (British Guiana at the time). My parents had emigrated to England a couple of years earlier. My dad sent my mother who was pregnant with wonderful me to Guyana for a holiday and due to a national strike at the time in the country, she had no choice but to give birth there. Then in my teens, my dad wanted to move to Canada. So, this is where I reside. I still have my British citizenship. I love England very much.....and I love my Mulberry handbags and purses.
  14. Wow it's awesome to see that M has varying degrees of popularity around the world. I personally don't like carrying bags that are too easily recognizable. (I stay away from monograms as much as possible), which is why I absolutely ADORE Mulberry. I live in California, and not that many people recognize it, and they're always giving me compliments on my OS alexa.
  15. It's been fascinating read through this thread. I am so into learning about other people and where they are from that this thread is perfect! I hope it continues.

    I am American and live in the Washington DC suburbs. Mulberry is not huge here, but I have seen a couple "in the wild", namely an oak Bays and a berry woven Alexa. A Mulberry store opened in this area in the last couple of years so I was able I purchased my black Alexa with the full retail experience, which was awesome.

    Like trendz stated in the quote above, I am not big on labels (read: no monograms or very noticeable designer markings), and really favor classic style and quality. So for those reasons, Mulberry is right down my alley.
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