What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Chinese New Zealander living in London. I was more into Mulberry's designs a couple of years ago though, the more recent styles haven't really caught my eye.
  2. I'm English born in Surrey and lived in Berkshire all my life . Very happy to be English and living in our beautiful county until recently . I now wish that I was Australian having fallen head over heals in love with Sydney after a visit in April .
  3. I'm English/British, South Yorkshire born now living in the next county down, Derbyshire. See a lot of fake LV bags, but also authentic ones, as well as Michael Kors. Mulberry quite popular mainly in Oak and chocolate. I first found Mulberry when they brought out the Alexa but only took the plunge a few weeks ago when I purchased my first bag, a small Del Ray. Was definitely worth the wait, it's beautiful!
  4. I am American and living in Pennsylvania. The technical term for my heritage is Pennsylvania Dutch (meaning of Germanic descent with generations spent living in the state, typically Amish at some point). We have the immigration folks to thank for the term as German speaking people said they came from Deutschland, the English speakers heard Dutch and there you have it. When I looked into the genealogy I found we are actually German speaking Swiss.

    Funny story, in the US schools give you ancestor projects and expect you to come back with tales of dysentery while trekking across the West and people quarantined at Ellis Island. We never had any of those stories. I'd ask my grandparents where their grandparents were born and was always disappointed to hear they were born in the US. I had nothing to report at school. Turns out we were here too long for there to be stories like that. We predated Ellis Island, entered via Philadelphia, settled in PA and pretty much stayed put since the early 1700s. Ancestors fought in Revolution. I had a great story, I just needed the internet to be invented so I could learn about it :biggrin:

    Mulberry not real big in my area, but I love it!
  5. We must live in the same area. I'm from the Quakers that came over with Billy Penn, but my husband has Dutch descent, although long enough ago to be considered English now. Where do you buy your Mulberry? I like this brand a lot but I never see it anywhere.
  6. Yes! it's so fun to talk about Japan here but sorry for my broken English..:worthy:

    I heard ISETAN group opened new Mulberry stores in Mitsui Outlet park and Haneda Airport.

    But....honestly, I don't expect their collections... (Sigh)
  7. The mark Jacobs bag sounds like a Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Satchel :smile:
  8. #68 Aug 8, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2014
    I was born in the U.K High Wycombe Bucks
    Lived in Bucks then Berks and now back in Bucks.
    My parents were born in Pakistan.
    Dont think they know what Mulberry is out there just as well as it would be riddled with fakes.
    Proud to be Asian/British and wouldnt live anywhere else xxxxx

    Had a very large collection which is now diminished to the ones i only use along with a few other brands.
  9. Yes! Thank you for this hint. I did a quick research after my posting, because I started to think about this Marc Jacobs bag again... you are absolutly right. I think I still like this bag, but I 'm not sad, that I was distracted by the Lexy before getting it. :smile:
  10. I know what you mean. I got three Lexy-look-alikes (at least no fakes) before getting the real one. Thanks for your wishes for saving money - I'll do my very best. :biggrin:

    I hope your sister likes living in Germany. She is far away from you, isn't she?
  11. Mine mostly come via charge and send from the outlet at Cabazon and from HGbagsonline which has a limited supply of M bags, but offers great discounts at certain points. I also buy directly from M during sales either online or calling a full price store for a charge and send.

    I had been dealing with Matt King at the outlet, he'd send me pics of new stock that fit my buying habit, but he left them last month. Supposedly he gave my name to someone else, but I haven't gotten anything from them. I am on ban island, but if I decide to shop I will just call and deal with whoever answers the line.
  12. Welcome, fellow Derbyshire-dweller! :smile: Congratulations on your first Mulberry; I love the small Del Rey and have a small milk chocolate one in heavy suede from the outlet at Bicester Village. Which colour/leather did you choose? Did you post a pic anywhere or do a "reveal"? It would be lovely to see her!
  13. Hi. I'm from the UK located on the far south east of the country right on the coast

  14. Lucky, lucky you, princee! :smile: I'm originally from Kent and miss East Sussex and the sea sooo badly ... :sad:
  15. i'm half greek, half english! feel very much english though as i've lived here all my life :smile:
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