What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Gosh arent we a diverse lot....so many nationalities who all love mulberry...they could learn a lot reading on here for their marketing strategy
  2. Hello! I'm from Germany (South). We don't see too many Mulberry bags here. But this is not too bad, if I think at all the LVs and MKs here.

    I fell in love with Mulberry a few years ago during my search for an oak satchel which I spotted in the Underground of Munich. Actually the bag I saw was a bag by Marc Jacobs (with golden birds on the front - I don't remember the name), but during my desperate search on the Internet I found the Lexy and I was over the moon. I am still. I debated really long with myself, if I should spend so much money, but this year I bought the pickle green during the sale. I always wanted a green bag, so I put the purchase of the oak Lexy off. At least for a while. I have already started saving for the oak one. I know I must buy this one some day. ;)
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    Hi! My sister lives in Germany, about in the middle there :smile: And I also got into Mulberry when searching for an oak satchel... Fell in love with the Bayswater, but could not justify spending all that money and bought a cheaper brand. Years, and many other brands later I bought my oak Bay and I felt like I had gone a full circle in my "trip"! :cool:Good luck Ludmilla in saving the money, I know u'll enjoy your oak Lexy when you get it!
  4. I'm English, born in the South East corner and lived here all my life. I've loved Mulberry for many years and my collection has grown over time.

    There have been times when I drifted away but it's where my heart is and I always come back. My collection is mainly Mulberry but in recent years I have also added other brands but mainly "one offs" which I use more for special occasions. My Mulbs are mostly for everyday use other than a few which are more delicate.
  5. I'm much the same, dear Mulberrygal! Born and raised in Kent, the Garden of England, but in my case (regretfully) moved through university, work and marriage to rural Derbyshire. My roots and spiritual core still pull me back to Kent, East Sussex and The Sea! How I miss the sea, in all its moods and colours ... :'(

    I still have a lot of early Kate Spade, some gorgeous Sara Berman (fab English label, now discontinued) and a few one-offs (Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors) but my true love is Mulberry ... :smile:
  6. Ooh - I didn't know there was a film! My late uncle was a "Crapaud"(!) - isn't that French for "toad"??! :biggrin: - and remembered the occupation only too well ... It wasn't Britain's finest hour, by a long way ...

    My aunt and cousin still live on Jersey; I think a holiday there is long overdue! ;)
  7. :woot: Hello, nice to see Japanese link here, I'm Japanese living in the UK for many years. Just back from Japan visit 3 weeks ago actually - I did check Isetan Mulberry corner but it was very small. I did carry around my Lexy with pride in Tokyo though :biggrin:
  8. Born Northern Ireland to Scottish parents & says British on my passport
    Tend to think of myself as half Scottish half Northern Irish lol!

  9. Yes it is French for toad!! Lol.
    The grandparents had a terrible time in the occupation, but luckily they got thought it. I remember being told that a great grandad had to wait to go to prison as it was full!! He hadn't done anything wrong, just been in the wrong place and the wrong time!
  10. I'm Scottish/British. :smile:
  11. Ditto! :smile:
  12. US...Cape Cod, MA.
    My Dad and my Mom's Mother are from Northern Ireland, outside of Belfast.
    I never see Mulberry bags where I live, which I love!!!
  13. You are honorary northern irish ..join the mad team that we are

  14. Actually I'm British lol!
  15. Amen!
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