What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Actually, Mulberry is so popular in South-Korea.
    There are soooooo many stores and web stores in S.Korea including resellers markets.

    K-pop stars and Actor/Actress are using M bags and It's not difficult to see new season's M bags in Korean dramas.
    ( I think Mulberry has found the good way to advertise itself to Korean market.:graucho:)

    So, I got my M bags when I visit S.Korea...

    I don't understand why Mulberry is not popular in Japan..
    Maybe, Mulberry is not so much attractive to them as Hermes, LV, Chanel, Gucci.. Saint Laurent and even as Chloe.
  2. I'm from Belgium. I live between Ghent and Brussels.

    We don't have a real Mulberry store here, but there are some stores that sell Mulberry. I have bought all my Mulberrys in the UK or online :smile:

    I have 4 Mulberry bags, a purse and 2 scarves.
  3. I am an American living in the southeastern part of our country. My first Mulberry was a gift and the story of it is on a previous thread.
  4. I am from norn irn...live in england but my spiritual home is with izzy above!!!!

  5. That's a lovely story, Designerhbgirl; it's funny how we get into different brands! Which Bayswater do you have? Ironically, I bought my first Bays (the sheepskin "Womble" in my avatar) from net-a-porter NY! ;)

    I was a huge Kate Spade for ages but personally felt that the quality and style deteriorated when Liz Claiborne took over the brand; I've got a fair collection but haven't bought anything new for a long time ... I was also very lucky that a lovely American lady on Long Island sold me some vintage beauties when she downsized her own collection; I feel very privileged to own them. It's always nice to have bags that aren't so well-known/seen wherever you go, and my pale pink Yoko is a particular favourite with me this time of year! :smile:
  6. Brit living in the SE of Blighty!
  7. I'm from Germany, currently living in beautiful Munich :smile:

    I'm very into everything about art/design/photography and Tim Walker who shot the past Mulberry campaigns is one of my favourite photographers. After I visited his exhibition at the Somerset House which was sponsored by Mulberry I soon discovered the AW 13 campaign and fell in love with the brand. It's just perfect, well done advertising, fabulous design, great craftmanship and a lot of attention for detail, a bit tongue in cheek - Mulberry is probably the brand that suits 'myself' the most.
  8. Austrian living in Vienna, where a Mulberry store opened about a year ago. :woohoo:
    Rarely see people wearing Mulberry here though but the fake Alexa's I spot on a daily basis.

    As for me bought my first bag at the Roermond outlet - loved it. :smile:
    Second bag is a Bayswater tote in oak. Got some SLGs, shoes and scarfs also.
  9. My passport says British Citizen but I am from Guernsey, Channel Islands, locally we are affectionally known as donkeys!!

  10. I love that! ;) I have an aunt who lives on Jersey; are there different nicknames for the different islanders: Jersey, Sark, Herm etc?

    Btw, have you ever read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer, which is a novel set on Guernsey during the German occupation and is written in the form of letters? It's a great read!

  11. Hi Mayfly, we call Jersey people Crapauds!! Lol! I am not sure on names for the other islands but the English used to be called grockels ( I think that is the spelling!)

    Yes, I got the book a few Christmas ago, once you get into the style of writing it was a great book and being local you conjure up certain places that she is describing.

    They were looking to do a film, they had auditions for it a few years back. I always said I would see if I could just be part of a crowd scene!
  12. I work closely with 2 Greek-Cypriots and a Greek, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They took me to see a Greek comedian on Friday night, she was sooooo funny.

    To the original question, I'm Scottish, from Edinburgh.
  13. I'm an English girl and I have been in love with mulberry since 2012 when I bought my first one, an oak lily. I now have a choc EW bays, slate blue Dorset which I ended up selling, an os oak Alexa which has been sent back to Mulbs for a strap that has broken twice and was replaced by the polished oak regular Alexa. I actually prefer the regular to the os so breaking turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I love mulberry!
  14. #44 Aug 6, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2014
    Hi! I have the black/nickel bays and just love it but my Alexa is my favorite Mulberry. What's your favorite Mulberry? The one in your avatar is a beauty! Totally agree with you about Kate Spade. I think part of the reason I like Mulberry bags is because they are rare where I live. What is the most popular handbag where you live? It is so funny how we get into different handbag brands :smile:
  15. I love this kind of pieces of info! :biggrin: Thanks for sharing!
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