What nationality are you? :)

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  1. @ Braatje. When does the Roermond outlet have sales? I went there in December and checked out the EW Bays which was € 500, last May it was € 610. I bought a pre-loved oak EW Bays through Marktplaats (A Dutch auctionsite) for € 250.

    BTW, did you like Maastricht? It is a nice town isn't it.
  2. To be honest! I wouldn't know. I haven't seen anyone carrying a M bag. I have seen some LV though and a lot's of Michael Kors.

    We usually go on vacation in Switzerland and I noticed a lot a LV bags there.
  3. I have British nationality but was born in Cyprus and am a quarter Greek-Cypriot, English, Italian and French! Mulberry doesn't seem to be well-known in Cyprus, I mainly see LV, Gucci, Michael Kors and some Chanel there.

    Having just had a big cull of all my bags (I don't like to have more than four-five, otherwise they don't get used enough for me to justify the cost) I currently have one M bag and some accessories including a pouch, keyring and scarf, two Guccis and one Chanel.
  4. Wow OBTM that's very disciplined of you. I should really do the same with the ones I don't use but can't bring myself to part with them 😩 x
  5. Filipino-American living in SoCal. I don't have any Mulberry handbags. But looking into getting one.
  6. @Mariann: Roermond had a sale last May: 20% off. I checked the outlet website before I went and it stated what shops already started sale. Maastricht is lovely, definitely plan on visiting again!
  7. I'm from South-Korea and living in Japan now.
    (My hubby is Japanese :smile: )

    There are only three Mulberry stores inside departments in Japan and it's not easy to find someone carring M bag on the streets. :smile:
  8. I'm Japanese, but have been living in NYC for 8 years.

    Pandako, none of my friends back home have any Mulberry bag. I wish more department stores carried Mulberry.
  9. I am Australian and live in Australia but also hold British citizenship and did live and work in London for a few years in my early 20's. I still have some family in the UK also.
    I wish my Mulberry fascination was present when I lived there though, because the only Mulberry store in Australia is in Sydney and thats a 2 hour plane flight from my city. So I can only admire from afar unfortunately. I rarely see Mulberry's here (oocasionally a Bays here and there), but have seen some terrible fake Alexa's.
  10. I'm American and currently live in Chicago. My very first Mulberry encounter was during my first visit to London. As I was sightseeing I kept seeing women carrying this great bag I'd never seen before. Finally I stopped a woman carrying the bag, told her how beautiful it was and asked her the brand. She said the bag was a Mulberry Alexa. I knew I had to have one and made it a point to find and visit a Mulberry boutique. A lovely black/nickel Alexa came home to the states with me :smile: Later I purchased a beautiful Bayswater. I have never seen another Alexa in the states and only one other Bayswater. My bag collection includes different bags from most of the high end designers, but honestly my Mulberry bags are two of my favorites. I can't wait to add another to my little Mulberry family :smile:

    Forgot to add that the reason I first joined TPF was to find out more about Mulberry. Everyone in this section of the forum has been so very nice and helpful!
  11. I am a Filipino-American living by a coastal town in the Central Coast area of California.

    I have about 15 Mulberry handbags, 2 wallets, scarf, and key chains. 2 LV bags, 3 wallets/organizer, 3 Channel bags and lots of mix bags such as Classic Coach, Dooney, Brighton, J.W. Hulme, Francesco Biasia, Prada, Gucci, etc. I basically only use the first 3 brands.... Did I say I am a hoarder? My name Is Jane and I am a hoarder.....
  12. That's a great story and a lo quicker decision on purchase that I am ever capable of :biggrin: And looking at your avatar it was a great one!
  13. I read that Mulberry tried to enter Asian markets but did not succeed. Would be interesting to read if there is a study someday on how different luxury brands appeal on different countries/continents
  14. I'm good old English.
  15. +1! :smile:
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