What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Im a British born asian but I have dual nationality thru my father who was Pakistani (previously Indian).

    I hv...

    a mini Alexa in navy silky snake with light gold hardware,

    an ostrich & haircalf cream & rose gold regular sized Alexa,

    a small silver hardware & navy patent holiday (sbs) bays,

    a rose gold & patent navy harriet (worn crossbody),

    a silky snake peach & light gold hardware small del rey,


    a bayswater shoulder in plumish colour.... Unworn yet!😳

    Oh & a divine pair of navy quilted gloves.. & I think thats it...!
  2. American
  3. I'm Jamaican, but living in the US.
  4. I am a Norwegian living in the north of Norway; faaaar away from all the lovely Mulberry stores. And maybe that´s for the best :lolots:

    My very first designerbag, was a black Bayswater. I still have it, and I still love it!
    Mulberry is a popular brand here in Norway, but ufortunately I do see a lot of fakes being carried around...
  5. I'm Irish living in dublin. Love mulberry and finally made the big splash into the water and bought my first bag for my 30th in November, a raspberry alexa. I also have a pink mulberry wallet.
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