What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Latina from the Dominican Republic born and raised in NYC
  2. Wow. Another Latina! Didn't think there were too many of us who are Mulberry fans! I'm Peruvian but born and raised in Canada.
  3. British and living in England until 3 years ago until I moved to Scotland.
  4. Hi! Welcome to the forum (i read that your previous post was the first ever!) and you get one more vote for Lily from me too :smile:
  5. And hi to all the new posters too! :smile:
  6. I'm from America, east coast:smile:
  7. I'm Finnish, currently living in Luxembourg. They don't have any Mulberry shops here so I guess the closest store is in Paris. Maybe it's for the best, not so many temptations... ;) I bought my first Mulberry, a Heritage Bayswater, a couple of years ago in London. As it has been mentioned, Mulberry is quite popular in Finland so I had been lusting for a Bayswater a while. In the end I'm very happy with my choice as my first Mulberry - she's been perfect!
  8. I've lived in/visited other countries, but am a grateful American citizen.
    Though, many people think I'm European.
    Or, that I'm Anne Hathaway...which completely baffles me...
  9. Hi, I'm new and from England :smile: I got my first Mulberry in July after resisting for many years
  10. Hello all .. I'm pretty old (LOL) and English .. it's lovely to see where everyone else hails from xx Holls
  11. Hello my fellow Scot :smile:
  12. Yes there are:smile: I'm in Edinburgh.
  13. Lily! Saw the cara yesterday for the first time in the flesh and really didn't like it.

  14. From Scotland (Glasgow)
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    I'm Dutch! I live around 2,5 hr driving from Roermond. (Therefore my poor significant other missed his saturday-morning-sleep-in this weekend as I wanted to be at the roermond outlet on time!)
    I come from a really small town, more like a street with the random houses and sheep scattered around which you drive trough with just small pump of the gass, and I hardly EVER see a designer bag here, let alone a Mulberry. (You could easily make people believe it is a lovely kind of forest fruit. "The Mul-berry? Never heard of, do they make jelly of it?")
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