What nationality are you? :)

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  1. Just out of curiosity, I thought it would be fun to know what nationalities are present here? :smile: I'm from up North, Finland, and Mulberry is quite popular here!

    * proud owner of 3 Bays and a few others
  2. I have dual citizenship, British and Trinidadian. No one in Trinidad knows what mulberry is! haha. There are lots of fakes there as well (which are sold in high end malls-shocking!) although you can get genuine michael kors. I have already warned my siblings NOT to buy any of those fakes.

    Love mulberry though.
    Bag collection is quite substantial, mostly M bags, one chanel, two LV and 3 michael kors
  3. I'm Dutch (living in Amsterdam). There are 2 Mulberry stores in Amsterdam and one in Roermond (outlet) yet I don't see a lot of M. around. I love the thread 'Mulberry sightings', but don't think I can contribute much;)

    Currently waiting for my preloved oak Bayswater printed leather. I hope it will arrive next week. In the meantime black Alexa is keeping me company, although I am contemplating moving her on so I can buy a coloured one. I use my Lexie on all non working days and black can get a bit boring and solemn.

    I love this forum, I get great ideas for models, colour etc. and everyone is so nice and friendly.
  4. Love your city, I have been there twice and plan to visit again someday soon! And same here about this forum :smile:
  5. Oh wow that is far! :smile: And can't imagine those actual shops selling fakes, sounds so weird:wtf:
  6. I am Dutch, living in the South about 25km from the Roermond outlet. Haven't bought anything there yet! Too expensive I think. Have never seen anybody with a Mbag in the wild. I did see 3 fakes on a fleamarket this week though!
  7. @Mariann; I bought my Alexa in Roermond (I planned a whole weekend in Maastricht around that shopping trip) and it had a 50% discount. Maybe worth checking out? It's a good thing I don't live close to the outlet, I would be bankrupt by now.
  8. I'm English, but only brought my first bags this year !!
  9. I'm from Denmark, and mulberry is quite popular here ;) I own three medium dorsets, a Bayswater silky snake, mulberry lily, mulberry Charlie, Daria zip around wallet, An OS Alexa, a heart shaped coin purse, a zip clutch aaaand hopefully soon another bays :biggrin:
  10. hehehe. I have lived in the UK since October 2003. Came here to study and met my lovely DH and walked away a MRS. hahahaha.

    Anyways the fake situation is just unbelievable. Worse yet the women carry the awful fakes with such pride! hahahaha. But then we are proud women!
  11. I've heard of these European outlets, I sooo wanna visit one some day... Btw it seems that Mulberry is more popular in the northern Europe than south? I've been to Italy, Spain and France a few times but rarely seen Ms there. Mostly Gucci and LVs. I think.
  12. Ah ups :biggrin: & Pride is good, something us melancholic Finns should learn a bit! :P
  13. I have dual citizenship too. Australian and British. I was born in Hong Kong so also have right of abode there. I lived in Australia for a couple of years as a child and have been in England since 1996 when I got sent to boarding school in Notts x

    I own 2 mitzy totes, 3 regular Alexas, a bayswater shoulder bag, 4 Lilys and a scribbly floral patent zip around purse plus various LV and Burberry bags I now rarely use.
  14. If you plan on visiting Amsterdam soon, you might as well take a train down south to Roermond and visit the outlet? Aaah, writing it down makes me wanna take a trip there myself.
  15. I'm Mexican American living in Los Angeles c:
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