What name do I put on shipping label?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Quick question (I'm embarrassed for even asking, but I don't know what to do!):

    I recently sold item on Bonanzle and when I received the buyer's information via PayPal the name under the "Shipping Information" says Ebay id:_____ ( ebay name).

    The buyer's true name is listed with her email address, but since it's not on the shipping information do I address the package to the ebay id only? I've sold a decent number of items on Bonanzle and ebay, but I've never seen this so I'm a bit confused!

    Advice? Thanks!
  2. I would call Paypal and ask them.
  3. I guess I can always message the buyer and ask what name they would prefer I use. I'm just concerned about using an ebay id as the name for shipping purposes.
  4. Update: So I spoke to the buyer who actually asked that I address it to a name that is not the ebay ID or the first and last name paypal lists with the email address. However, the address is the exact same. Is there any issue addressing it to the name she gave me that is not associated with the paypal account if the address is the same? The paypal account is confirmed. Thanks!
  5. Did she tell you why her name is not listed in the PP account? Whose account is that?

    What you really, really need to do is ship it to the address PP gives you, but I would address it to both names.
  6. It's her account but I guess she had someone harassing her on ebay so she changed the name to throw them off or something. The fake name does seem a bit fanciful so it is kind of believable that it's a made up name...but I obviously don't know for sure.

    She has positive feedback from other sellers and the address she asked me to ship to is the exact same as the paypal verified address.
  7. I would be careful about sending something to a different name, even if the address is the same. I thought the Post Ofc didn't deliver if the name didn't match up - or is that just an urban myth? I would expect that in order to have the PayPal seller protection you would have to address the package in just the same way that the account info is listed.
  8. I would think the ebay ID would go into the business name area.
  9. I think that's an urban myth
  10. As far as I know, these days they deliver to the address. PP seller protection makes no mention of the name, just the address, but I would write the ID and the name just to be safe.
  11. I would call PP and ask them exactly how you will be covered and where they suggest you send it (and to what name)
  12. hi OP... im having the same dilemma now but i think mine is slightly worse ---

    the shipping name and address on bonz is totally diff from the paypal invoice. although both have the same zipcode.

    experts, i should send to the paypal address right? will i loose any seller protection from bonz?

    im asking the buyer to clear things out before i ship. i want matching bonz and paypal address
  13. Yes, it should go to the PP address. But did you ask the buyer why the addresses are different? That's the first thing I would do. You need to talk to your buyer.