What nail polish are you wearing? Part 9


Jul 10, 2008
Do you like the look of this?
I ask because I use their nail polish, cuticle oil & cream & was thinking about this?
I did not like the smell of their remover at all..
I like it for a fast, low maintenance mani. Two coats of the concealer with the Gel Genius top coat, and I have what I like to call the "royal manicure" - very reminiscent of Meghan Markle's wedding nails. It's a very sheer slightly-pinkish white, and I find it applies non-streaky, dries super fast, doesn't require a base coat, and wears well. I don't have any nail yellowing to cover, but I think it would work nicely for that. I know the website describes it as iridescent, and the color reminds me of opal, but it isn't shimmery or glittery at all.

I haven't tried their remover.
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