What nail polish are you wearing? Part 9

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  1. Green for me again :amuse: ANNY in the color No. 368.90 Women for President!

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  2. I love your ring.
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  3. Thank you!! I had this on a week but I did touch up the ends after 4 or 5 days, I just did an extra coat at the tips and added another top coat. I do my mails myself and they grow very very quickly. I use Essie Good to Go quick try top coat. I’ve used it for years and have always been happy with it, far prefer it to seche vite. I’ll usually add just a coat of top coat on day two or three :smile: I find it helps keep chips at bay.
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  4. Nailberry Noirberry
  5. a classic: OPI "I'm Really Not A Waitress"

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  6. Eternal Optimist by Essie
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  7. Nailberry Noirberry
  8. 970EDB8A-DE0E-400E-AD5F-F74F827E5421.jpeg Opi just lanaiing around with glitter accent nail.
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  9. Oldie but a goodie today. INM, don't know the name of the color.

  10. Sally Hansen - Twisted Pink
    ILNP - Paige

    Excuse the terrible paint job. I always seem to get the shakes when I’m painting my nails.

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  11. Last week was J.Hannah - Himalayan Salt, I realized I never took a pic as I was removing it to do this week's manicure. At any rate it's definitely different from Nectar in that it's lighter and has more pink to it, but the pink in my skin tone made the polish read mostly as a pale orange. I'll still wear it, I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection and it ends up being a nice twist on a neutral nail.

    This week: Marc Jacobs - Oui - This is one of those polishes I fell in love with but put off buying for a LONG time because I figured I probably already had this color plus a few spares. But I don't so I'm really happy to have it.
    Marc Jacobs 118 Oui! 9.JPG
    Photo credit to JRoxy nail blog.
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  12. TF Smoky Red
  13. Visiting my parents... Dolce e Gabbana - Candy :smile:
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  14. I love that one too :amuse:
  15. OPI Infinite Shine 2 Gel Lacquer in Tickle My France-y. My favourite colour of all time. :heart:
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