What nail polish are you wearing? Part 9

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  1. ^what a fabulous happy pink/purple! love the shimmer.

    ^it's lovely & reflects its name well. happy birthday!

    ^cute little glitters!

    ^gorgeous manis! hope you enjoyed milan. I love the soft white chanel...very delicate & pretty. DH is so sweet to have gotten it for you.
  2. Great pairing. Nice soft color.

    Very cool thermal combo with the twinkle. Good colors.

    Love this color! Nice accent nail too.


    Great color. Love the amount of glitter. How perfect for you. Hope you had a great birthday!

    Cute white mani with the speckles. I really like it.

    That's so sweet of your husband. Lovely colors. I like plain white manis.
  3. My first Essie polish, and I was surprised at how fast it dried, and that it doesn't look streaky. It's such a pretty color.

    Slapped on two coats of "Penny Talk" before my date last night so my nails wouldn't be completely bare.


  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1407385163.468478.jpg Essie "raspberry"
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  5. Thank you !

    So elegant ! I hope your date was nice

    Beautiful ! Love this color

    round, thank you !
    your pics, especially the Marilyn shot :heart: ,are just great. I love the shape of your nails , so classy, and the colors too . Perfect !
    Your DH is sweet, buying you the things you love !
  6. Pollie ...thank you 😄
  7. Julep Marjorie with water decal on ring finger. Love that the Julep has a slight shimmer.

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  8. ^pretty rose gold color!

    ^fabulous color!

    ^I love orange for the summer...so happy!
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  9. Thanks frick 😃
  10. My Dogsled Is a Hybrid.

  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1407460342.024510.jpg Zoya Bevin
  12. ^loooooooooooooooooove this shade of green! :heart:

    ^lovely color!

  13. Love!!!!