What nail polish are you wearing? Part 8

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  1. gorgeous matte

    Great combo!
  2. Color Club Factory Girl (a gift from a friend) + Models Own Indian Ocean :heart:

  3. Thanks, ANL1! :smile:
  4. OPI.....Mod About You
  5. A thermal holo, that's awesome! Love it![/QUOTE]

    Thanks! :smile:
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    Nice pink

    Looks good

    So cute

    It's really gorgeous :cool:

    It's beautiful

    Thanks girls
  7. I wasn't doing french for a long time, so here it is


  8. Pretty French mani!

    I love seeing this np on you, very pretty!

    I love this mani on you! Which np is this?

    Looks great on you! Again those glitters lol


    Fab colors!
  9. Dior Bond Street from a very sweet lady on here. Thank you very much *C* :heart:


  10. Essie's Sable Collar. I didn't think I would like it on my dark skin, but the holo shows up nicely.
  11. Love those colors! Just discovered indies and thermals thanks to this website and all you lovely enablers! I'm broke now from ordering so much on Llarowe! Lol!
    Love all your creative polishing! I would never have thought to layer three colors like this. Very pretty! Reminds me of dying Easter eggs!
    Both of these colors are beautiful! And your nails are to die for. They are perfection!
    Very pretty. I love putting sparkles on accent fingers!

  12. Oooh I love this color combo.
    I must find dupes 😁
  13. Mahalo, Kailuagal! This was the first time I've tried that (although I've been admiring it on others) and I love it! :smile:
  15. Beautiful layering! These colors are beautiful!
    Pretty nails!
    Wow! Killer nails! Love this French!
    I love navy blue nails. Very pretty! And what a nice friend to have!
    I don't see a photo :sad:

    I just want to say to all of you that you have inspired me so much to branch out and try new colors that I would never have given a second look and for that I say THANK YOU! It's nice to find others who share the same passion and don't look at a new polish change and say, "you did your nails again?" Hahaha! I've found my tribe! Lol
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