What nail polish are you wearing? Part 8

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  1. ^the 389 on your fingers is a great color!

  2. LOVE the cartoon effect nails! So creative
  3. RBL Chinoiserie
  4. Thank you! You should get this one, they're a very pretty duo. As much as I love this color bit the other one is so beautiful too! The only thing I'm unhappy about bc they're small bottles lol I think they're online now, I bought them from the store.

    Very pretty mani! Sorry for the bad formula but this looks good to me. I hope removing this will not be a PITA.

    Thank you!

    Thanks! It's shiney even if I didn't put a tc yet for the pics. Today I applied a tc bc I forgot to apply yesterday lol It looks prettier than yesterday lol

    Thank you!


    Love this color on you!
  5. lynnderella - bibbity bobbity blue (over lynnderella - forget you not > china glaze - liquid crystal > china glaze - rainstorm)

  6. Hello ladies!! I'm back from vacation in Vegas. I used nail strips for my mani and pedi... Incoco for the hands and OPI (Skyfall collection) for the feet. Eight days later (second pic) they are still both perfect but I will probably change the mani tonight. I've already cut my nails back down.
    VegasNails.jpg IncocoGrowout.jpg
  7. nice blue

    this is gorgeous
  8. Flormar N008



  9. ^you're wearing perfect vegas colors! hope you had fun.


    ^fun bright pink!
  10. OPI - Bet it all on OPI. I love it!
  11. OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
    The perfect nude :heart:
  12. I had a blast, thanks!
  13. Are classic French manicures in style? I read an article about Chanel runways bringing them back...I honestly didn't realize they went out...lol
  14. Gorgeous! I love how dark and bright this blue is.

    Those strips are great! 8 days is impressive. Love the pattern on your mani.
    Hope you had fun on your trip!

    Gorgeous pink! Perfect!
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Not open for further replies.