What nail polish are you wearing? Part 7!

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  1. Thanks ladies for the compliments!! I really like the Holland Collection so far!

    I like it! Looks good on you!
  2. thank you!


  3. ^thank you!

    ^hehe ;)
  4. ^I'm loving your manne mani!

    ^fabulous combo! love the ocean colors.

    ^that's a beautiful turquoise! cute cup too.

    ^lol...thanks! :ghi5:

    ^thank you! I sure am :supacool:
  5. ^those colors complement each other perfectly...love the dots!

    ^so cool! looks like a "lit from within" chanel - paradoxal.
  6. ^love the pink & blue microglitter I can see in there!

    ^the flakies are awesome. I LOVE that zoya!!! I need to check to see if I own it already. if I do, I need to wear it. if I don't, it's going on my wish list.

    ^I have no idea for a theme this week. do you have any ideas?

    lmao! that line just tickled me :lol:

    ^fun green!

    ^woooooooooooooooow!!! that may be my favorite leopard mani of yours...ever...

    ^spectacular combos!!! so good to see your inspirational layering again.

    ^thank you!
  7. Zoya Bevin with DL Glitter In The Air

  8. Theme Suggestion: What about Coral Week? CatherineC would love to see Corals, Phedre and AWhitney are big coral lovers... I like pink corals...
    But I think we need a second one for the non-coral lovers as well...
  9. Selkiewriter: nice one!

    CatherineC: thanks a lot!

    Kenseysimone: pretty matte one! I got to get my Matte out again, too!

    Luvchnl: is that a HELLO KITTY Stamp??? Would be awesome!

    Babevitan: Thanks Hun! I'm better now, almost back to normal! And I don't lke port that much, more a chicken and beef eater myself.

    amyveg: thanks a lot!

    Jimmyshoogirl: dots dots dots! YAY! Those are so much fun!

    Frick: Thanks a lot for and jep, that is so me... can't help it *lol*

    Alewo27: nice one!
  10. Gorgeous!

    Love both your manis

    You can get them on eBay if you search for dotting tool or marbling tool, or you can get them in a craft store if you ask for an embossing tool :smile:

    gorgeous vivid green

    Great leopard mani, love it

    Love them both, the flakies look amazing

    Lovely glitter
  11. Zoya Reva :love:
    It's so shiny I'm gonna die! I love the gold shimmer it has! This one was given to me by a lovely friend :hugs:
  12. What a great gift looks good on you!
  13. nice one! Looks great on you!!! I love reds!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.