What nail polish are you wearing? Part 7!

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  1. Pretty shade!

    Pretty both ways!

    Hope you're having a great time. Gorgeous shade on you!

    Love me some purple! Gorge!
  2. Thank you! We had a lot of fun with my friend!

    Thanks a lot Frick. We had, I loved seeing my friend again!

    I know, was the same here! I loved hanging with my friend and everything but was sooooo tired on the ride back and glad we took off b4 sundays lunch.

    Thanks a lot.

    This is nice, looks like a night sky.

    Thank you girl!

    Congratz! I loved my first Glitter Sandwich! Enjoy!

    Thank you!
  3. This is gorgeous. I like the pop against the purple can!!:biggrin:
  4. Thank you so much :biggrin: I took it on the ride to Berlin, on car rides I am always going through those Rockstar Energy drinks like crack. I just love those cans purple colors!
  5. Look at that glitter! It looks great!
  6. Nfu Oh 65
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    I love the Holo on you! It looks badass!!!


    my Mani for today Julep January with OPI What's Dune? On Top


    With flash! Here you can see the sparkly shimmer with a linear Holo within!


    Soooo lovely :love:

    Perfect Mani for the Fiances BDay and the BDay Dinner tonight at the fancy Spanish restaurant!
  8. Hi, ladies!
    I`ve been away from tPF for so long, but now I`m here.
    Here are some of my manicures, which I did :
    China Glaze Aquadelic & China Glaze Wireless Holo Top
    OPI Don`t Mess With OPI & Fiercely Fiona
    Brooklin 2&OPI Red My Fortune Cookie&Ciate Skinny Jeans - this manicure was full crap...
    I wore this Chanel two times in a row and I was trying to capture it on my nails but it wasnt possible. This is the only real pic (almost).
    Pastel 11
    Pastel 11 with Essence Stamping Plate
    Flormar Miracle U33 - yeah, this polish is a MIRACLE! Love it!
    Also I polished my nails with OPI Don`t Touch My Tutu and OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It - I really regret for didn`t take a picture - this was such a cool glitter sandwich!
  9. Very cool!

    Perfect! So pretty!

    Wow! Lotsa nice manis!
  10. CTFU that meme! Lol that polish looks awesome !
  11. Oooh holoooo lol looks pretty on you !
  12. Since my nails have decided to start splitting, I am going with a gel manicure for awhile&hellip;

    RCM Violetta Darling


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  13. Thanks a lot!

    Thank you ;)
  14. This week- Lynn's Boy Girl Party over CG gothic Lolita with an Essie raising awareness accent


    Last weeks mani- OPI The Color of Minnie!


    Excuse the chip. I never got around to taking a pic til day 3-4. I was surprised at how fast this chipped. Only thing I can figure out is I have been in the pool a lot lately, so maybe that was the problem.

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  15. My 4 day old mani! :smile:

    China Glaze Splish Splash with Nail Venturous Sunny Floam accent. All kinds of amazing!

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